Cronos Partners with Bison Trails

Particle B is a startup accelerator. Their specialty is incubation projects that build on blockchain. Today, they announced Bison Trails will work in the Cronos testnet and mainnet beta. Bison Trails is a leading blockchain infrastructure platform-as-a-service provider. Cronos is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chain running in parallel to the chain.

When the Cronos network’s mainnet beta launches, Bison Trails will run a validator node. The goal of Bison Trail is to support the growth of the entire blockchain ecosystem. This participation is in the line with that goal. Developers may use the Bison Trails platform to:

  • contribute with decentralized networks
  • and create apps that connect to blockchain data.


Cooperation between Bison Trails and asked Bison Trails to provide validator node infrastructure support on their chain in December 2020. Validators on the chain are now able to sign transaction blocks quickly and securely. The latest partnership for Bison Trails extends this cooperation to the Cronos mainnet beta launch. The Cronos testnet is already operational. Additionally, will use Bison Trails’ infrastructure to provide Cronos node services.

Bison Trails is a key contributor in the Cronos launch. Furthermore, they will provide network design and rollout support for the mainnet launch.

Gary Or is the founder of Particle B. He said that they are happy to have Bison Trails as one of the Validator Node operators for the Cronos mainnet. He stated that they chose Bison Trails because of their experience with distributed systems and decentralized node infrastructure. Their work with is evidence of that experience.

Aaron Henshaw is a Head of Engineering at Coinbase Cloud and co-founder of Bison Trails. He said that they are happy to support the release of Cronos. For example, he believes this partnership will continue:

  1. to advance the mainstream adoption of crypto
  2. improve EVM compatibility and capability
  3. and support DeFi solutions and more.

Also, he stated that this is a milestone, similar to the introduction of Chain. It will help to expand access to new offers and services.

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