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With billions of dollars flowing into metaverse and Play-to-Earn (P2E) tokens, savvy investors hunt for the next breakout stars. Early investors have seen massive gains: Terra ($LUNA) has pumped 143x in the last 12 months, Axie Infinity ($AXS) has increased 219x.

Together they have a combined market cap of over USD 28 billion. The metaverse and Play-to-Earn markets are set to bring millions of new holders and players into crypto, and key players should see exponential growth and gains over the coming months and years.

With Ethereum network fees averaging USD 102, Metaverse and P2E games are increasingly attracted to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) due to its low gas fees, averaging USD 0.15 per transaction, and fast transaction speeds.


DEEPSPACE ($DPS) is a space-based metaverse exploration strategy P2E game recently launched on the BSC blockchain. The DEEPSPACE team believes too many blockchain games have poor gameplay. Foremost they want to ensure the game is engaging, fun to play, and immersive.


The majority of DEEPSPACE’s 20+ strong team are gamers. The talented team is comprised of developers, designers, concept artists, technical architects, and community moderators. DEEPSPACE ($DPS) is backed by a team with the talent and resources needed to propel the project to success. This is one to watch closely.

Moreover, the team said: “Our aim is for DEEPSPACE to be a leading Play-to-Earn game in crypto. We love gaming, and we’ll ensure the DEEPSPACE metaverse is super immersive, engaging, and fun for players. Each release will bring new functionality to DEEPSPACE. Come and join us in DEEPSPACE!”

Also, the team purposefully did not make the mistake of many new blockchain projects by rushing into development. They spent months getting DEEPSPACE’s foundation’s right: game mechanics, infrastructure, concept designs, metaverse lore, community, and tokenomics.

Finally, the DEEPSPACE team has put their talents for innovation towards the in-game economy as well. They are well aware that the top-tier Plan-to-Earn tokens have proved hugely popular in Asia due to their ability for the holder to earn an income by playing the game well. As core team member ‘John W’ put it, “… gameplay, addictiveness, and economy are primary objectives.”

Play Secure with DEESPACE  

Ensuring security was also a key driver, the team completed a comprehensive multi-week audit with Certik. Project funds are protected by a multi-signature protocol that requires 4 of 6 custodians to sign off on every transaction. Once the team locked in the
fundamentals, development started in earnest.

Therefore, DEEPSPACE’s proprietary technology allows seamless integration between their blockchain marketplace on-chain and real-time action for the player.




An alpha version of the game will appear in Q4-2021, with a beta in early 2022. A custom NFT marketplace will launch first. It will enable players to mint, buy and trade starships, purchase upgrades (armor, weapons systems, etc.) and other commodities.

According to the team, the NFT marketplace is “working well on a testnet, with an anticipated limited alpha launch Q4 2021 before the game alpha”.


On the other hand, four starship types will be available for minting or trade initially:

Fighters: Ships with state of the art weapons technologies that can deal incredible
Tank: Ships designed for managing enemy engagements, longevity, and withstanding
lots of damage
Mining: Ships specially engineered for efficient resource collection
• Support: A ship focused on utility and boosting the capabilities of your other ships

Each starship have an NFT with a unique set of properties, including attack, shields, special attack, special defense, mining, speed, and luck. If you select to mint a fighter, it will have considerably higher attack and speed properties than a mining ship.



On the other hand, players will improve their ship’s properties through successful gameplay and upgrade by purchasing upgrades such as additional armor, weaponry, etc. Upgrades will take the form of Semi Fungible Tokens (SFTs). SFTs combine the features of fungible and non-fungible tokens. They act like fungible tokens until players use them.

Also, players will be able to explore the DEEPSPACE multiverse and visit unique planets, including Athena, Mitra, Gelida, Tyranus, Chaldene, Vorvoid, and Melas. Each planet has its unique environment, and each comes with its dangers and potential. Players will be able to mine for resources on-planet and off and harvest resources for profit.



For those seeking combat, DEEPSPACE will offer both Player versus Environment (PvE) and
Player versus Player (PvP) battles. PvE will involve a player battling the game’s artificial intelligence (AI). PvP will see a player battle another player. Guild wars and battle competitions are under consideration for later releases.

Tokenomics of DEEPSPACE

You can buy DEEPSPACE (DPS) on PancakeSwap or using a credit card/Apple Pay/Android Pay on An exchange (CEX) listing is coming soon.

Caution: There is a coin on the Ethereum blockchain with the same name launched after DPS. This article relates to DEEPSPACE ($DPS) on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain

Finally, here are some useful DEEPSPACE Links: WebsiteTwitter, Telegram, YouTube, Whitepaper, CoinGecko.

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  1. This is definitely the most perspective GameFi project on the whole Blockchain! Possibly further!
    And beautiful reading material from AltcoinBuzz team, as always!

  2. Great informative article.

    Really appreciate the insight – the P2E crypto space is exploding.

    Cool to see an awesome game that is getting developed.

    Looks fun to play!

  3. Awesome to see this project getting this kind of coverage. The team are working their socks off. Check out their AMAs on youtube for progrss updates!


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