Silicon Valley-based AI company Bluewhale has secured $7 million in seed funding. The funds will help advance the project’s goal of improving customer growth and retention.

As per the official report, SBI led the round, with major participation from SBI Ven Capital and SBI Decima Fund. A diverse group of investors participated. This includes prominent individuals like Haseeb Qureshi, Charles Huang, and Jack McCauley. Furthermore, Cardano, Momentum6, and Primal Capital took part in the series. Others include NxGen, Ghaf Capital Partners, Spyre Capital, and Baselayer Capital. Bluwhale plans to improve customer growth for its social marketplace using AI and blockchain technology.

Reacting to the fundraising round, Han Jin, Bluwhale CEO, said,

“It’s a new paradigm for a new era. For close to two decades now, online platforms have profiled and targeted users without their consent. Companies have spent billions of dollars on Google, Facebook, TikTok, and the like to target and mass advertise consumers. At Bluwhale, wallet holders can take control of their digital profile and decide if they want to receive communication, and at the same time take a cut of the outreach spending.”

Investor Haseeb Qureshi said in a statement,

“The Bluwhale team brings together an impressive blend of consumer plus enterprise industry veterans and pioneering AI Web3 researchers. Their innovative approach is poised to elevate Web3 user analytics like an AI-powered Salesforce for the Web3 space.”

What’s Bluwhale all about?

Bluwhale is a groundbreaking platform. Leading minds from Stanford, Berkeley, and former TikTok AI experts Adam Rowell and Han Jin started the project in 2022. Bluewhale is revolutionizing user acquisition strategies.

It deviates from the conventional mass advertising model favored by bigger organizations. Instead, it prioritizes identifying and engaging potential users through targeted approaches.

Bluwhale uses AI to connect businesses with Web3 wallet owners. These owners now choose to receive the ad. It enables dApps to maximize their marketing budgets. And directly reach their intended market and possible new users. In the end, these wallet holders earn a part of the money spent on outreach and ads that specifically target them.

Bluwhale’s approach is pretty straightforward. It relies on AI algorithms and contextual data. This helps to create comprehensive profiles of individuals within the Web3 ecosystem. In addition, it analyzes on-chain behaviors, activities, and preferences. This way, Bluwhale develops detailed wallet personas and groupings. The result empowers companies to pinpoint potential audiences. This enhances transparency within the industry. It also optimizes marketing and sales investments.

Bluwhale’s AI platform is currently in beta testing. About 180 companies currently use the platform. Also, there are over 270 million indexed wallets. This shows Bluwhale’s commitment to expanding its reach. The project is redefining user engagement strategies in the digital landscape.

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