BullPerks to Launch Community Platform for Investing

Decentralized finance (DeFi) platform BullPerks is preparing to launch a community-based platform to allow investors to access the same projects as venture capital firms.

Up until now, VC investing remained reserved for the whales in private seed rounds and token sales. Retail traders remained shuttered out of these lucrative opportunities. The ones which are traditionally offered to industry insiders and those with deep pockets. However, BullPerks promises to change that!

BullPerks aims to change all that with a launchpad for quality projects at early stages. Additionally, with better prices and assured allocations vetted by professional teams of VC investors.

The goal is to create a venture capital ecosystem that is community-focused. In addition to that, it will help promote a decentralized investment model and multi-chain platform. This will enable fair access for retail investors to invest in early-stage projects. Furthermore, they will get deals they never would otherwise have exposure to.

BullPerks IDO on June 16, 2021

BullPerks will initially incorporate the largest two blockchain networks, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. It will expand to include Cardano, Polygon, Solana, Polkadot, TRON, and Tezos in the future.

This will allow the community to gain access to unique and high-quality projects on different chains while assisting them to raise funds in a VC-style manner.

The initial DEX offering (IDO) will take place on BSClaunch on June 16 but the token launch will happen on TrustPad, and ZeroSwap. The launch on three platforms is expected to help raise a total of $225,000 which means $75,000 per platform.

The tokenomics will introduce four different “Bull Tiers” that determine access levels to different projects. The level of exposure will depend on how many of the platform’s BLP tokens remain held by investors. Tokens can also be time-locked to allow investors to participate in higher tiers as the team is trying to promoting openness and fairness:

“[The] team is also actively looking into other solutions too to try and make it as fair as possible. [The] idea is to give everyone a fair chance to invest.”

The concept is to make the value of BLP reflect the value of the assets that remain invested in by BullPerks and the community. AltcoinBuzz took a deep dive into the platform in its latest video:

Invest Like a Boss

BullPerks conducted its own successful private funding round which helped the platform raise $1.8 million, in order to make these opportunities available for retail traders.

The first decentralized VC deal to go live on BullPerks launchpad on 17 June is Polker, a blockchain-based, provably fair online casino that marries crypto and NFTs (nonfungible tokens) with online gambling.

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