BYDFi is one of the best crypto exchanges to get all sorts of crypto tokens. With the bull market kicking stronger, BYDFi is a good spot to get both popular and under-the-radar cryptos. They recently listed some new tokens.

We talked about some of their recent listings in this article. This article is about a different set of recent tokens listed on the BYDFI exchange. These tokens cut across different sectors of the market. Here’s the interesting part: BYDFi only lists tokens that meet certain criteria. And most of these tokens have a good community behind them. So, here’s our new list.


$ONDO is the native token of Ondo Finance. And they’ve been in good form lately, reaching an all-time high. Ondo’s value has increased by over 480% this year. This means $ONDO has outperformed crypto giants like Bitcoin.

Ondo Finance is a DeFi project with one core target. And that’s to leverage asset tokenization to bridge defi and traditional finance. Asset tokenization is the latest gold mine in Web 3. And that’s part of the reason Ondo Finance has been soaring lately. The other reason is expansion to Asia, where Web3 is taking center stage.

Ondo is currently among the top crypto projects by market cap. On-chain data also noticed a spike in Ondo whale activity. As of this article, ONDO trades at 0.8891. BYDFi is a good exchange to explore this token.


Aevo is a decentralized derivatives platform. It focuses on services such as

  • pre-launch trading,
  • perpetual, and options.

Aevo claims to support over 5,000 transactions per second. And handle more than $30 billion in trade volume. All this is thanks to its architecture. Aevo operates on the Aevo L2. This is a custom Ethereum rollup, developed using the Optimism stack.

Aevo is positioned to play a significant role in the future of DeFi trading. This is thanks to its unique combination of technology, tokenomics, and early market access. The project has a well-experienced team behind it. And there are lots of prominent backers and partners as well.

$SSV, is a decentralized staking infrastructure. It allows Ethereum validators to operate in a more decentralized way. It does this by dividing a validator key among at least four separate nodes called multi-operator nodes’. These nodes work together to carry out the validator’s tasks using a shared consensus mechanism. So, the SSV. network changes a validator key into a shared system controlled by a consensus layer.

This system ensures better resilience and security. SSV supports different staking applications. Also, a DAO manages the protocol. So, the protocol reaches decisions collectively. The SSV token is the governance token. It grants holders voting rights. The SSV token plays other roles within the network.

The SSV token is a huge part of SSV’s reciprocal system. It currently trades at $58.69. You can purchase this token on the BYSFi exchange. operates as a fluid restaking system on Ethereum. Their token, eETH, is Ethereum’s early native liquid restaking token. Users can generate eETH on Once done, stakes and restakes the ETH, helping users optimize rewards. Minting eETH grants access to four types of rewards:

  • Ethereum staking rewards,

  • Loyalty Points,

  • restaking rewards (including EigenLayer points)

  • the chance to supply liquidity to DeFi protocols. is currently on BYDFi. It trades at $6.98. And has a market cap of $804,291,803.


BYDFi is one of the best places to get a variety of crypto assets. The exchange seeks to make it easy to access cryptocurrencies. You can buy Ondo, Aevo, SSV, and at BYDFI. They offer the best of what centralized exchanges have. You can trade in spot or futures for very low fees and withdraw up to 0.5 BTC with no KYC necessary. Give BYDFi a try today, right here.


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