Web3 mechanisms can change everything from how we play to how we learn. This started with Play-to-earn (P2E) games. For the first time in history, we can earn tokens and/or NFTs for playing a video game. Then came web3 platforms that paid you to walk. Some of them even saw some adoption. And now, this economic model is coming to education. In this article, you will discover how Edu3Labs is taking firm steps to lead this sector.

Edu3Labs’ IDO Success: Now Trading on Gate.io, MEXC and PancakeSwap

Edu3labs is building an economically sustainable web3 educational platform. It allows course creators and students more control over the content they present and want to learn. You also have one more reason to participate in it. You can earn NFE tokens with a defined utility and a limited supply. In this article, you can see more about this up-and-coming project.

This is why Edu3Labs launched its NFE token through an IDO on the DAOMaker platform. Plus, it was on their roadmap.

The results for the NFE token, at the time of this article’s publication, are a $98.5 million market cap and $1.13 million in 24-hour trading volume. All this in less than a day. A smashing success.

But this is not the only thing the platform is doing. Here are 3 important news items that will support the continuing growth of Edu3Labs:

1) Edu3Labs’ NFE Token Makes Its Mark: Now Listed on CryptoRank

You’ve probably seen the CryptoRank page when looking for token information. It is one of the leading crypto research and analysis companies in the industry.

That is why Edu3labs is partnering with CryptoRank to list its NFE token on this platform.

Shortly, Edu3Labs will do the same with CoinMarketCap. They just announced this on Coingecko too. This will give Edu3Labs and its NFE token massive exposure.

2) Stake NFE for 310% APR: Exclusive on DAOMaker

Edu3Labs wants more uses for its NFE token. That is why, working with DAOMaker, they decided to build a farm pool so that all NFE holders can earn more tokens. Each stake cycle is 30 days. More info here.

Investment in this pool is a success

  • More than 1,340 people &
  • more than 1.8 million NFE staked tokens invested in this farm pool.
3) Edu3Labs & ApeBond: Bond Issuance Revolution

One of the big project goals is to give more utility to the NFE token. So Edu3Labs decided to partner with Apebond. Apebond is a multi-chain DeFi protocol that makes the concept of a bond accessible to anyone who has a crypto wallet.

This doesn’t only increase liquidity in the DeFi sector. This will also improve access to the NFE token. Long-term investors can easily add NFE to their portfolios. And more long-term holders for a token is better for ALL holders of that token.

All of these news updates show us one thing.  The time for Web3 educational platforms is now. And this project is building a solid foundation leading to faster adoption in the coming months. Edu3labs is the new Udemy for Web3, find out more and follow them on their X account.



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