Revolutionizing Web3 Education: Meet Edu3Labs

Online learning is the fastest-growing segment of education. Since its creation in 2000, it’s grown by 900%. Not a lot of colleges and universities are growing at all, let alone by 900%. So of all the Web3 adaptations like the Web3 of Amazon Web Services, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Chrome.

Why is there not a Web3 version of Udemy Coursera or Teachable? Well, friends, there is. Today, the Web3 version of Udemy. Its name: Edu3labs

Intro to Edu3labs

If you know of any names in Web3 education, it’s probably Open Campus and its $EDU token. Open Campus is like Coursera for kids, or maybe like Khan Academy. Its emphasis is K-12 student learning. And it’s great. But it’s not like Udemy where anyone can go learn about anything they want like:

  • Crypto.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Python language programming.
  • Portuguese.
  • Photography.

But that’s what Edu3labs is. Creators who have something to teach create an NFT of their course and sell it. Now because their audiences are different, Open Campus and Edu3labs are referring partners for each other. Neither has a competitor in this space.

Edu3labs has no competition at all in Web3. Only from Web2 firms like Udemy, Udacity, or Skillshare. This means the crypto component, the NFT component, and the Earn While You Learn component are all absent from the competition. They are ONLY available on Edu3labs.

More On Edu3labs Offerings

As it says in their white paper: “The main objective is to position the education platform Edu3Labs as the main reference network between educators and students”. So its primary goal is as a marketplace. The NFT effect here is important. We often think of NFTs either for games or as part of a collection.

But with the publishing of courses, each student gets a unique copy (like a book) but the creator can keep earning royalties. Not only that, actual books can be converted into NFTs for future sales, too. And unlike with Amazon Kindle, you would own your copy of that book.

NFE Marketplace

The big offering for students, creators, academics, and publishers is the NFE Marketplace. Here students can get the courses they want with easy access and take part in the Study & Earn model.

Check out how many courses and users there are already. Over 4800 courses already. And they are just getting started.

Other Services

While the NFE marketplace is the biggest offering, Edu3labs also offers:

  • AI University, where you get AI-assisted customized learning for your interests and skill level.
  • The Knowledge Contest Game. Here they are gamifying learning by making a competition out of it. You earn more when you win, naturally.

The AI University is particularly interesting since the customization means you and I can study the same topic but get different lessons to gain more knowledge. AI allows for personalized training models for each student. It also monitors progress making it easy to go back and review difficult topics.

With the Knowledge Contest, you earn both tokens and a soulbound certificate for finishing the competition. Both areas have high growth potential. Now let’s talk about the $NFE Token.

IDO & Tokenomics

The $NFE token allows you to do some cool things like:

  • Get access to exclusive content and even more customized lessons. The customization piece is where AI plays a role in the platform too.
  • Access to discounts on the Marketplace.
  • Lower commission fees on the Marketplace.
  • Income apps from staking.
  • Get access to the new launchpad for investment in other projects.
  • Educational contests, networking opportunities, and more.

So there is a lot of potential utility behind this token. The IDO is coming soon for the $NFE token. Here are the details you are looking for if you want to take part in this IDO. They are taking place on 3 excellent IDO platforms:

  • DAOMaker Feb 29-Mar 5
  • Enjinstarter Feb 28-March 4
  • GameFi March 4-5

So that gives you 3 choices for the fast-approaching IDO. Go get yourself whitelisted so you can get your allocation. Here are some additional details: 

  • Initial Supply: 7,500,000 $NFE.
  • Total Supply: 900,000,000 $NFE.
  • Initial Market Cap: $225,000.
  • Total Raise from all initial rounds: $2,500,000.
  • Vesting: 15*% unlock at TGE, then 1-month cliff monthly and 4 months linear vesting*
  • Total from IDO sale: $225,000.

Most of the vesting is linear with a cliff. This means we get 2 benefits. Linear vesting is slow vesting over time. That’s good for us as token holders. It means we don’t get dumped on by a huge unlock. But there are cliffs where a larger unlock does take place. For the public sale, it’s 6 months. For most offerings, it’s 1 year. And for those in the:

  • Marketing
  • Staking Rewards
  • Content Creator/Partner groups The cliff is in 4 years. So they have to hold for a while.

Again, that’s good for us holders. One last thing we like in the potential of the $NFE token is its burn mechanism. A portion of each transaction fee is burned. We like that. Eventually, the token will become deflationary as a result. This is a good and responsible token policy.

So if you like what you’ve heard so far and want to check out Edu3labs and their IDO, you can check out our definitive guide here. It’s right on our website with details on how to get on the whitelist of your preferred IDO launchpad.



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