El Salvador Boosts Bitcoin Security and Receives Global Ordinals Support

Some days ago, President Nayib Bukele announced on X the transfer part of El Salvador’s Bitcoin to a secure cold wallet in a national vault. Now, its Bitcoin wallet received widespread support from ordinals.

This innovative step not only strengthens the security of El Salvador’s Bitcoin holdings but also signals a deeper dive into the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Let’s discover more about how Ordinals are a use case of rewards.

El Salvador’s Bitcoin Security Boost: Ordinals Donations Roll In

As a testament to the global crypto community’s support, the nation’s Bitcoin wallet has received 465 Ordinals inscriptions in donations. This marks a notable milestone in El Salvador’s Bitcoin journey.

The Ordinal’s inscriptions allow for the embedding of digital artifacts directly onto individual satoshis, the smallest unit of Bitcoin. This technology enables a new form of digital asset creation and ownership, akin to NFTs on other blockchain platforms. The 465 Ordinals donations to El Salvador’s wallet signal global crypto support for its Bitcoin adoption and security efforts.

The Ordinals donations reflect global Bitcoin community solidarity and enthusiasm. It underscores how cryptocurrencies can enhance international cooperation and bridge national gaps via shared tech advancements.

More About Ordinals

In under 48 hours post-launch, Runestone quickly became the top Ordinals collection and the third-largest NFT collection by market cap across all blockchains. This achievement underscores the high demand for Ordinals and Runestone’s immediate appeal to collectors and investors.

Its quick rise highlights Ordinals’ growing impact in the NFT market, marking a key evolution in digital collectibles across blockchains.


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