Runestone Airdrop Surpasses 50 BTC in 24 Hours

As it stands, the airdrop is only 38.6% complete, yet it has astonishingly surpassed 50 BTC in secondary volume sales.

This achievement underscores the collection’s popularity, making it the top-volume NFT across all blockchains in 24 hours.

Runestone: Leading the NFT Market in Volume

The Runestone collection, with its rich lore and intricately designed digital artifacts, taps into a deep fascination with mythology and mysticism. Its quick rise highlights the trend towards thematic NFT collections offering immersive experiences beyond digital ownership.

This significant milestone of crossing 50 BTC in secondary volume is indicative of the buoyant market sentiment and the high demand for quality NFTs. At the time of publishing this article, the total volume is 91.3 BTC.

The phenomenon surrounding The Runestone airdrop also sheds light on the broader implications for the NFT market and blockchain technology as a whole. Achieving such a high volume in secondary sales at only a partial completion rate of the airdrop suggests a vibrant and robust market for NFTs.

More About Runestones

Yesterday, Runestone initiated the inscription process by dispatching four batches of 1,400 Runestones each to their designated addresses. This marks the beginning of an extensive distribution effort. With 76 batches of 1,400 Runestones still pending, the completion of this endeavor is anticipated to require approximately 24 more hours.

It’s important to say that there are currently 84k runestone owners with a floor price of 0.012 BTC. Also, there are only 1.5k runestones with a total supply of 91k. You can find them on Magic Eden.


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