With the market being still bearish, most retail investors are always wondering which cryptocurrency is currently best to buy. Luckily, Weiss ratings might push you in the right direction. In a recent poll on Twitter, Weiss Ratings asked followers to vote on the best cryptocurrency to buy under $1. 

Weiss Ratings has recently conducted a Twitter poll amongst its followers, giving the option to vote on which is the best crypto to buy under $1. A total of 5,276 people participated in the poll. The results revealed that XRP, the token by Ripple, is currently the best crypto buy under $1. This, according to the voters at least.

With the poll, participants could choose between XRP (XRP), Stellar Lumens (XLM), Cardano (ADA), and IOTA (MIOTA). XRP became the clear ‘winner’ with 64% of the votes, while Cardano was good for the second place with 25%, Stellar Lumens got 8% of the votes and MIOTA came in last with only 3%.

Here is the tweet from Weiss Ratings with the results:

Stellar Lumens (XLM)

It is surprising to see XLM at the 3rd place with 8% of the votes. For the last 7 day’s XLM has regained 15.19% of its value making it back to almost $0.25.

One big reason for the increase in XLM’s price, are the rumors that Fidelity could be turning towards XLM blockchain for moving digital assets on their respective platform. The speculation should be written down as a possibility as the head of corporate business at Fidelity – Tom Jessop, is the formal head of Chain. Lightyear Corporation, a company focused on the Stellar blockchain, acquired Chain in September.


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