Genesis Token Holders Receive Subdomains in SAGA Mobile

These personalized subdomains not only add a touch of exclusivity but also serve a practical purpose.

This will allow Genesis token holders to now easily identify and transact with their Saga mobile. Let’s see how it works.

Exclusive .thesagadao Subdomains for Genesis Token Holders

One distinctive feature of these subdomains is that they are registered in chronological order based on when the respective Genesis Tokens were minted. This provides a clear and organized way for users to trace the origin and age of their tokens. The concept of chronological registration not only adds a layer of transparency but also offers a unique historical perspective to each token holder.

The most significant aspect of these .thesagadao subdomains is that, for the first time, they allow users to discern the exact number of their Saga mobiles. This brings a new level of precision to the ownership experience, offering a tangible and identifiable connection to the digital asset.

These personalized domains also bring a level of convenience to the process of sending and receiving SOL (Solana) assets. Instead of dealing with the usually lengthy and complex cryptocurrency addresses, users can now simply insert their unique .thesagadao subdomain into their preferred wallets or protocols. For example, you can input “john.thesagadao.sol” in a Phantom wallet, and you can send SOL to another wallet.

The introduction of these subdomains aligns with the broader trend in the cryptocurrency space to enhance user experience and simplify blockchain interactions.


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