Ghostface Killah Embraces Bitcoin Ordinals for Music Release

Ghostface Killah announced on X his plan to release exclusive music as Bitcoin Ordinals.

This aligns with cryptocurrency trends and offers new ways for artists and fans to engage with music decentraly.

Ghostface Killah Bridges Music with Crypto via Ordinals

Ghostface Killah’s initiative will see a total of 10,000 Ordinals being minted, with these digital assets available through a free mint. This novel music distribution method allows fans to own music history pieces without upfront costs. Using Bitcoin Ordinals, Ghostface Killah embeds music on the blockchain for permanent, scarce tracks.

According to a source, the rapper’s decision to grant Creative Commons Zero (CC0) rights to the holders of his music Ordinals is a groundbreaking move. CC0 rights put the music in the public domain, enabling free use, remixes, and sharing without needing permission or paying royalties. This openness encourages a creative ecosystem for innovative fan interactions with his music, leading to new interpretations.

Ghostface Killah’s venture into Bitcoin Ordinals and CC0 music rights highlights a shift towards artist-led, community-driven music models. Artists aiming to control their work and connect with audiences find solutions in blockchain and digital assets integration.

More About Ordinals in Music

French Montana has joined the innovative wave of digital music distribution by inscribing new music as Bitcoin Ordinals. This move leverages Bitcoin blockchain technology, uniquely minting and owning each music piece.

French Montana’s novel approach secures his digital music presence and offers fans unique ownership and interaction with his work. Using Ordinals for music distribution marks a shift towards a more direct, tangible artist-audience connection in the digital era.


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