Hidden Gem Altcoin: Potential for 1000X Growth?

Amazon started with books. Paypal started with e-commerce payments. But they grew and evolved to become the giants they are today.

Today, our altcoin is evolving from the Web3 version of a product you already know into a full-fledged Web3 infrastructure player. And all while currently at a market cap of under $1 million. Who am I talking about? Stick around and find out.

The Word Is Out

Today we are talking about Serenity Shield. We’ve already talked about them as being the “Dropbox of Web3” with their excellent StrongBox service. It’s great with a novel approach to security using NFTs to store your keys. And others out there in the market are noticing too.

First, their new staking pools are paying excellent rates. And although the TGE was recent, a good chunk of the circulating supply is staking the $SERSH token now. Others like Serenity as either a decentralized storage and infrastructure play OR as a privacy project. It is built using the Secret Network’s smart contracts but with EVM compatibility.

And one site even predicts a 1000x up to over $670 sometime in the future. Now you guys know that 1000x projects do happen in crypto but they are rare. But the word is out on Serenity Shield and its $SERSH token. And people are bullish on it. We like the project too. We’ve covered it in 2 videos already. But if you missed them, Serenity has a going for it:

  • Part of the growing Web3 infrastructure narrative where we are big fans
  • Has a privacy component
  • Protects your private keys with NFTs
  • Launched their $SERSH token recently
  • Great tool for corporate or individual estate planning.
More on Web3 Infrastructure

This is one of the most important narratives in crypto. Infrastructure is the set of tools that all projects need. Not some. Not most. ALL. Those of you who know our channel know we hit this sector hard with projects like:

  • The Graph
  • Chainlink, and more.

And Serenity falls into this category. As more Web3 projects come online, they will be looking for Web3 solutions to things like storage, block space, indexing, data queries, and more. All the stuff we use Amazon Web Services and then other databases for these projects will want to be on-chain. Serenity is serious about making Web3 infrastructure easier to get and use too. 

Plus, they are getting more serious about tokenizing assets and the Real World Asset sector (more on that in a minute). Whether they do that or not, Serenity DOES want to branch out into other parts of infrastructure like:

  • Staking validators.
  • RPC nodes for other blockchains.
  • Maybe liquid staking someday too.

What’s clear to us in our conversations with the team is that Strongbox becoming the Dropbox of Web3 is their goal for now. But they are thinking bigger than that. They want to be one of the leading infrastructure projects in crypto. All these steps they are taking are helping to move them in this direction.

HW Device to Store Digital Assets

We’ve talked before about StrongBox and its use cases for storage and even for estate planning. But they have a couple of new pieces to add to the story. This helps justify where the increasing project value is coming from.

  • Hardware Wallet

The first important and exclusive update is that now there will be a hardware wallet component. The device, like a card, works together with StrongBox to give both hardware and software working together.

Before this update, you could store seeds, passwords, and text-based data on StrongBox. But one thing you could NOT store was actual digital assets. Now with the hardware wallet, you can store your digital assets too. So think about it. StrongBox breaks up your seed for your account into 3 different NFTs. So no one person has access to your private keys.

And now those keys can link to a hardware wallet that you can use to store crypto. Plus, it uses biometrics so you can open it with a fingerprint. Just one more convenience of not having to log in every time.

In the estate planning example, we’ve talked about before, you can nominate anyone else to get access to a key after some time. That’s still true. But instead of only text data, your Strongbox can now hold the crypto you want your family members to inherit, too.

But Web3 projects can use it too. This combination is very secure AND it provides financial controls to a project or a DAO. For example, no one person would have control of everything in the DAO Treasury. That’s a good thing. It reduces mistakes and chances of theft.

So the great StrongBox software-based storage is still there, yet now it’s even better and has more utility when you add the hardware wallet to it.

RWA Integration

Web3 projects and DAOs now get much more utility from the Strongbox service. And there’s another area where the benefits are huge. RWA. That’s real-world assets. The new hardware wallet piece makes RWA integration MUCH easier. And it’s not just existing RWA platforms that could use Strongbox like a Centrifuge to manage assets more easily.

TradFi firms or investment products that need a custodian would be able to manage their digital assets with Strongbox and just give one of their keys to their custodian if they have one. In some ways, it’s the next step in compliance and cash flow management for bringing Web2 finance into Web3.

The privacy features that come from being built on Secret Network matter here too. All investors, but especially institutions, don’t want everyone to see everything they are invested in. Both public and private investors alike will be able to keep their stake in an RWA investment private even while the blockchain ledger is public. TradFi will love that.

All these steps are taking Serenity from decentralized storage to a more complete infrastructure solution.


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