JUP DAO: Key Steps Forward with Funding and Grants

The JUP DAO community is preparing for initiatives that highlight its dedication to growth, innovation, and engagement.

First and foremost, the JUP DAO will launch the proposal to Fund the Core Working Group (CWG).

Empowering JUP DAO: Funding, Capitalization, and Community Grants

The CWG has been crucial in developing the JUP community, launching initiatives like LFG, Voting, and Token List. This pivotal first vote for a JUP DAO working group will set operational precedents for future groups.

In a key development, the JUP DAO will receive substantial funding – 10 million USDC and 100 million JUP for operations and strategies. These funds, derived from revenues and community allocations, will be transferred to a separate DAO wallet. This funding boost is designed to enhance the DAO’s capacity for public good funding and Jupiverse expansion.

Also, the DAO invites proposals for Jupiverse growth or public goods, promoting an inclusive, participatory approach. Funding the CWG, DAO capitalization, and starting grant discussions are key steps to a more dynamic and inclusive JUP DAO.

More About JUP

SMOLE is now live on the exchange, opening up a new realm of possibilities for users. This launch enables users to swap, use DCA, and place LOs, tapping into Solana’s extensive liquidity.

This development not only enhances the trading experience on the exchange but also significantly broadens access to SMOLE. This will facilitate seamless transactions and diverse trading strategies for the community.



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