Cardano Updates

Every week, there are important updates from the Cardano ecosystem. Accordingly, Altcoin Buzz covers some of the updates from the fourth week in April to keep readers informed.

During the week, the Cardano ecosystem ranked among blockchains with the highest staking volume. We’ll also take a look at the most valuable NFT sales in the ecosystem.

1 – Cardano Ranks Among Blockchains with Highest Staking Volume

Last week, a Staking Rewards report covered the performance of different blockchains based on their staking value volume.

Notably, the Cardano blockchain is the fourth-best blockchain with $22.5 billion in staking value volume. It’s only behind blockchains like Solana, Ethereum 2.0, and Terra.

2 – Most Valuable NFT Sales on Cardano

During, the week, a Cardano Daily report revealed the impressive work that CardanoNFTs Marketplace is doing. According to the report, the most valuable NFT sales are as follows:

  • Boss Cat Rocket Club and PXL #9183 are the joint most valuable NFT sales on the CardanoNFTs Marketplace. The former was sold on, while the latter was sold on Also, they both cost 150,000 $ADA.
  • ChilledKong8885 is the second most valuable NFT sale on the CardanoNFTs Marketplace. It cost 135,000 $ADA.
  • Disco Solaris #0007 is the third most valuable NFT sale on the CardanoNFTs Marketplace. Notably, it was sold on and it cost 125,000 $ADA.
  • Berry Cardinal is the fourth most expensive NFT sold on the CardanoNFTs Marketplace. It was sold on and cost 115,000 $ADA.

3 – Price Performance of Projects on Cardano Ecosystem

In addition, a CoinGecko report covered the price performance of projects (top gainers) projects on the Cardano ecosystem. The report covers a 24-hour time frame on the 29th of April:

  • Matrix ($MATRIX) had the most gain within the 24-hours timeframe, amassing a 27.8% rate of increase in price performance.
  • Ridotto ($RDT) has the second-most gain. It has a 7.3% rate of increase in price-performance within the 24-hours timeframe.
  • SingularityNET ($AGIX) is also in third place with a 2% rate of increase in price-performance within the 24-hours timeframe.

$ADA Price Outlook

As of the time of publication, Cardano’s price was $0.838335 with a 24-hour trading volume of $980,675,981. ADA price also dropped by 0.2% over the last 24 hours. Besides, it has a circulating supply of 32 Billion ADA coins and a total supply of 45 Billion.

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