LUKSO's Universal Page: NFTs Redefined in Three Products

Universal Page has officially gone live. It introduces a platform that changes the way users interact with their digital identity and NFTs.

With three main products at the forefront, Universal Page is set to redefine the NFT landscape. Let’s explore more about them:

1) Your UPage

Upon signing up, users gain access to “Your UPage” a personalized space that serves as their Universal Profile. This innovative feature allows users to mint a free page name, instantly creating a distinct URL that showcases their digital identity.

On this page, individuals can not only display their NFT collections but also directly sell their NFTs. Your UPage acts as a centralized hub for users to curate and share their digital presence effortlessly.

2) Open NFT 2.0 Marketplace

Universal Page introduces the Open NFT 2.0 marketplace, designed to provide users with a seamless and “gasless” trading experience. The platform facilitates easy NFT trading, auctions, and offers. The marketplace exclusively supports Universal Profiles and adheres to the latest standards—LSP7 & LSP8, dismissing outdated norms.

This ensures a streamlined and modernized approach to NFT transactions within the Universal Page ecosystem.

3) Drops

For creators seeking to launch NFT collections effortlessly, Universal Page offers “Drops.” This no-code editor eliminates technical barriers, allowing creators to drop NFT collections on LUKSO without the need for advanced coding skills.

Drops empower artists and innovators to bring their creations to a wider audience, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of diverse and accessible NFT collections.

The platform’s commitment to modern standards, gasless trading, and user-friendly NFT creation through Drops positions it as a catalyst for the next phase of NFT evolution.


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