LunarCrush Launches LunarCrush Opinions

Today, LunarCrush announces LunarCrush Opinions™. It is a new feature that will allow you to see how the community feels about the cryptocurrency market.

LunarCrush assists investors in analyzing the traction of cryptocurrencies by monitoring social media throughout the web. Above all, it provides useful crypto-specific data. Then, users can use that data to make confident trading decisions. Investors are flooded with too much information. In fact, many are unable to make informed decisions by browsing the internet on their own. So, LunarCrush helps find value in the crypto markets.

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of LunarCrush is Joe Vezzani. He said that mission of LunarCrush is to create transparency in the cryptocurrency markets. Also, he stated that launching LunarCrush Opinions is a significant step forward in that mission. LunarCrush will become ‘the largest first-party sentiment research organization’.

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer of LunarCrush is Jon Farjo. He expressed their excitement for capturing the emotions of the LunarCrush community. He stated that this will provide a new layer to the crypto community and also improve the accuracy of all LunarCrush data.

What is LunarCrush Opinions™?

LunarCrush Opinions™ is a new feature that will allow users to provide opinions on:

  • Popular themes
  • Sentiment on their favorite cryptocurrencies
  • The value of specific influencers
  • Accuracy of social posts

Above all, they expect LunarCrush Opinions™ will transform LunarCrush into one of the major providers of market research in crypto.

Every day, LunarCrush collects and categorizes almost 2 million posts from a variety of social media platforms. Each post is analyzed for:

  • sentiment
  • spam
  • and a variety of other characteristics by a powerful machine learning algorithm that is always improving.

Classifying such a large amount of data requires some specific training and modeling, as well as a large amount of feedback.

What Does LunarCrush Opinions™ Bring to Users?

There are three major things that LunarCrush Opinions will bring to its users. They are:

  • Improved data accuracy

For example, collecting user opinions is an excellent way to improve the accuracy of all company data. This will provide LunarCrush users with the most accurate and correctly categorized data in the whole cryptocurrency sector. In this way, the accuracy of every statistic will improve exponentially. Also, the accuracy of all social data will continue to improve over time.

  • Amazing visualizations and sharing options

Secondly, LunarCrush will offer visualizations that summarize all collected opinions from across the community. Users will be able to observe how everyone is feeling and go deeper into how various types of individuals vote. For example, users will be able to see how others from different parts of the world think. By visualizing this data, sharing options will make it accessible for sharing throughout the web.

  • Enhanced rewards

And third, each user who gives their thoughts on the crypto market on LunarCrush will get a reward. In fact, Users can earn from 1–3 points for each opinion, depending on their LunarCrush level. Each day users can earn up to 90 points. Then, users will be available to exchange these points into Lunr tokens.

For instance, LunarCrush sees Opinions as only the beginning of a long series of applications. In the future, there will be more possibilities to give comments, thoughts, and even votes.

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