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According to DappRadar, the Top 5 of Blockchain games have nearly 1 million active users with more than USD 4.75 billion in balance. This converts blockchain gaming into one of the most dynamic sectors of the ecosystem.

But, what is the secret behind the massive adoption of blockchain games nowadays? According to Statista, all of the Top 5 games with the highest number of players are related to NFTs. This means that the real reason why players are embracing blockchain games is that they can earn and manage in-game assets as NFTs, which makes them have unique flexibility and security.

Following this tendency of NFTs in crypto games, Gaia Everworld has announced an NFT sale through a collaboration with the Binance NFT marketplace. Therefore, in this article, you will discover everything about it and how you can participate.

What is Gaia Everworld?

Gaia Everworld prides itself on being the next generation of blockchain-based gaming, built in an immersive blockchain that allows users to create their gaming characters known as Gaias. The game also comes in different modes, with players needing Gaias to move up.

Gaia Everworld is looking to make a name in the fast-growing blockchain gaming ecosystem. To achieve this, it has incorporated play-to-earn (P2E) features. Built on the Polygon blockchain, the blockchain game will also enjoy better scalability. While also completing transactions more efficiently.

Participants have the ability and freedom to do several things in the metaverse. Interested persons can easily create kingdoms, explore and acquire lands. They can also breed and battle in the game metaverse.

How to Participate in Gaia Everworld NFT Sale

Gaia Everworld has been in the limelight for all the right reasons. Its largely successful IDOs on BSC, Enjinstarter, Seedify, etc., are significant indicators. During the IDOs, the tokens were sold for $0.16 each, providing a 28x ROI for early investors.

Gaia Everworld has announced a strategic partnership with Binance NFT marketplace. This NFT land pre-sale event will be launched very soon. Therefore, stay tuned to their social media accounts to know the launch date.

However, there are already more than 200 Gaia Everworld NFTs in the Binance NFT marketplace. Prices vary from 2.90 to 12,000 BUSD.

Gaia everworld NFT Binance marketplace

Source: Binance NFT Marketplace

Therefore, to buy these NFTs, you need to:

  1. Click on the NFT you want to buy: NFTs can be configured to be sold in two ways (placing a bid or setting a price).
  2. If the NFT has a price, you need to click on the NFT and click on the “Buy Now” button. On the other hand, if the NFT needs a bid to be purchased, you need to click on the “Place a Bid.” The Bid has a deadline and a base price.
  3. Log in with your binance account and place the Bid.

How to buy $GAIA tokens and GAIA Lands

Players will breed Gaias using both the Gaia Gold ($GG tokens) and the $GAIA token. Therefore, players can trade both tokens on several centralized and decentralized exchanges.

When writing this article, the price of $GAIA was trading at $0.677 with a 24-hour trading volume of $854,330. The token price is also up by 15.5% in the last 24 hours.

On the other hand, you can buy $GAIA in:

Finally, you can also buy GAIA land by applying to the whitelist first.

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