Mavia's Milestone: 2M Downloads & MAVIA Token on Poloniex

This game has captivated global players, especially in the Philippines, the US, Vietnam, Brazil, Nigeria, France, and Indonesia.

Heroes of Mavia’s global success highlights its engaging gameplay, story, and blockchain integration, appealing to a wide audience.

Global Reach and Strategic Markets & MAVIA Token

The game’s success in these top regions reflects a strategic market penetration, resonating well with both seasoned gamers and those new to the concept of blockchain gaming. The game thrives in varied markets, from the Philippines to the US, showcasing its universal appeal. This global footprint indicates the game’s wide appeal and growth potential worldwide.

In another significant milestone for the game, $MAVIA, the native token of Heroes of Mavia, has been listed on the Poloniex exchange. This listing is a testament to the game’s growing ecosystem and the increasing interest from the investment community. Its availability on Poloniex significantly enhances accessibility for players and investors alike, further fueling the game’s expansion.

Heroes of Mavia’s Daily Active Users

Heroes of Mavia’s engagement metrics are equally impressive, boasting 53,000 daily active users (DAU) on iOS devices and a staggering 225,000 DAU on Android devices. These figures show the game’s success in attracting and keeping many players, especially Android users.


Heroes of Mavia’s journey to 2 million downloads, coupled with the strategic listing of its MAVIA token and remarkable daily active user statistics, paints a picture of a game that is not only loved by its players but is also setting new standards in the blockchain gaming industry.


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