Magic Square's $1.5M $SQR Campaign for Elite Members

With a substantial reward pool of 1.5 million $SQR tokens, this campaign is set to make waves within the Web3 space.

Exclusive to Plus, Premium, and Premium Plus Magic Store members, this campaign offers rewards for active engagement.

Magic Square, A Gateway to Quality Web3 Projects

Magic Square stands out as a distinctive platform in the Web3 landscape. Offering users an easy way to discover and engage with the top Web3 projects. What sets Magic Square apart is its commitment to quality and user experience.

This guarantees access to top-quality projects for a dependable and enjoyable Web3 experience for all, regardless of technical expertise.

The Components of the Magic Square Ecosystem

The Magic Square ecosystem is composed of several key elements, each playing a vital role in creating a comprehensive Web3 experience:

  • Magic Store: A curated selection of Web3 projects, offering users access to the best and most promising initiatives in the space.
  • Hot Offers: Exclusive deals and opportunities available within the Magic Square ecosystem, providing additional value to its users.
  • Karma Points: A system designed to reward community engagement and participation, further enhancing the user experience.
  • SQR Token: The native token of Magic Square, which is central to transactions and rewards within the ecosystem.
  • Voting and Validator System: A governance model that allows the community to have a say in the projects featured and the overall direction of the ecosystem.
  • Web3 Affiliate Network: An innovative approach to expanding the ecosystem’s reach and impact, leveraging the power of affiliate marketing within the Web3 domain.


Magic Square’s campaign offers significant rewards, underlining its dedication to quality content and the Web3 community. Prioritizing community input, Magic Square enhances user experience and supports a thriving ecosystem for top Web3 projects.



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