DePIN is one of the most promising narratives for 2024 and beyond. With DePIN, we enter the realm of infrastructure. One of the up-and-coming projects in DePIN is Serenity Shield. It recently launched its $SERSH token, and this is going ballistic.

So, let’s take a closer look at Serenity Shield and its $SERSH token.

What Is Serenity Shield?

Serenity Shield is an up-and-coming project in the DePIN space. That stands for Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks. Its current flagship is StrongBox. That’s a storage option. You can compare it to Dropbox but in a Web3 version.

Another area in which they are unique is their estate planning option. This is part of their StrongBox features. You can mint an NFT that holds your wallet keys. It works best with a multi-signature set-up. So, in case you pass away, your family or friends will have access to your crypto holdings. You can find more information about this option in an article we wrote earlier.

However, Serenity Shield doesn’t want to restrict itself to only offering storage options. It’s looking well beyond that. Their roadmap has promising updates scheduled for the rest of 2024. The ultimate goal is to become a big Web3 infrastructure player. For example, the team is introducing AI and biometrics into StrongBox. Their next step is to have a mobile app available.

One step in that direction is their $SERSH token. It’s their native token. So, let’s take a closer look at $SERSH.

The $SERSH Token

$SERSH is their native token, and it’s also a utility token. It operates on both the Solana and BNB chains. Two chains that stand out for their fast and low-cost transactions. Being on the BNB chain also offers accessibility to EVM-compatible Dapps.

The token’s current utility shows in four areas. For instance,

  • Payment method — Pay for storage services, data transfers, or subscriptions.
  • Storage incentives — Receive it as a reward for taking part in the StrongBox network.
  • Rewards and loyalty program — For holders of $SERSH and frequent StrongBox users.
  • Ecosystem participation — You can take part in various ecosystem activities. You can also access partner services.

The current $SERSH price is $0.885. The market cap is still under $2 million. There’s a total supply of 100 million tokens, During TGE, only 1 million went into circulation. In the white paper, the team expects a $30 to $40 price for the token, depending on market conditions. Over the last 7 days, the token price is up by 84%.

What makes the token even more interesting is that it is deflationary. For example, there’s a burn mechanism in place. The team and advisors each receive 8% of the token supply. However, there’s a vesting schedule in place with cliffs and linear vesting.

Currently, the token is available on Gate, MEXC, and Pancakeswap. Their roadmap mentions listings on major CEXes. Although the token isn’t listed on Binance yet, they do have a tutorial on how to buy the $SERSH token.

So, the $SERSH token does look good indeed. It has solid tokenomics, back by a strong team. On our YouTube channel, you can find our dedicated Serenity Shield video. The title is, “Could this token do a 1000X?” Do we need to say more? Below is the dedicated video.


We looked at Serenity Shield and its recently launched $SERSH token. The token is on fire, with plenty of more potential upward price movement. The project aims to become a leader in the DePIN space. Currently, it offers a Web3 version of Dropbox, called StrongBox. And that is only the beginning. It has a promising roadmap. 2024 can be an interesting year for Serenity Shield.

Serenity Shield


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