Monad Hits 10K TPS & Raises $225M

Monad achieved a breakthrough with 10,000 TPS on the EVM.

This achievement showcases Monad’s technical prowess. It also reflects their commitment to improving blockchain scalability and efficiency.

Monad’s Milestone: Scaling Blockchain Efficiency

The EVM is a cornerstone of the Ethereum blockchain, enabling developers to create and deploy smart contracts and DApps. However, as the demand for these applications grows, so does the need for a more scalable solution. By hitting 10,000 real TPS, it establishes new standards for blockchain scalability. This hints at a future where blockchain can match the transaction volumes of major global payment networks.

Alongside its technical success, Monad Labs celebrates a major milestone with a $225 million fundraise. This fundraise, led by Paradigm, showcases the firm’s confidence in Monad’s vision and technology.

More About Monad

As Monad Devnet goes live and begins to demonstrate its capabilities, the blockchain community watches with keen interest. The success of Monad could usher in a new era of blockchain development, breaking scalability barriers. It unlocks the potential for decentralized applications at an unprecedented scale.

With a successful fundraiser under its belt and a live devnet showcasing remarkable technical achievements, Monad Labs is on a fast track to revolutionizing the blockchain space. The team’s passion, combined with significant financial backing and a groundbreaking achievement in transaction processing speed, sets the stage for Monad to lead the charge in overcoming the scalability challenges that have long hindered blockchain’s mainstream adoption.

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