Preserving N64 Classics on Bitcoin: Pizza Ninjas' Inscriptions Milestone

This feat was enabled by Brotli Compression on Ordinals, greatly boosting the viability of inscribing N64 games onto the blockchain.

Brotli Compression is a game-changer for inscriptions focusing on optimizing data storage and transmission. It offers file size reductions of approximately 80% by adding videogames or other kind of data.

Bringing N64 Games to Bitcoin: Pizza Ninjas & Brotli

To illustrate this capability, consider a N64 game that has an uncompressed file size of 12.4 MB. With Brotli Compression. This size can be reduced to a mere 3.15 MB. According to Trevor.btc, CEO of Ninja Pizzas, this reduction allows fitting a game into a single Bitcoin block (4 MB). Or also across eight sub-400 kb transactions.

Inscribing a large file at 15 sats/vbyte for about $6,000 is affordable for gamers keen on preserving classics. Even at 100 sats/vbyte, raising costs to $40,000, it’s feasible for well-supported projects.

It’s important to clarify that Pizza Ninjas did not inscribe games currently protected by copyright. The team has taken care to navigate the complex legal landscape surrounding ROMs and gaming emulators, as detailed in the “Not Legal Advice” section of their gitbook.

More About Pizza Ninjas

Pizza Ninjas’ first blockchain inscription has made a significant impact, fetching $30,000 at a Sotheby’s auction. This milestone underscores the rising interest and value in blockchain-preserved digital artifacts, highlighting their financial and historical significance.

Pizza Ninjas’ Sotheby’s success sets a precedent in auctioning blockchain inscriptions, showing the keen interest of collectors in this tech-art fusion.


This project by Pizza Ninjas is not just a technical achievement; it represents a significant cultural milestone. Inscribing N64 games on Bitcoin secures gaming history on a highly secure, immutable ledger.



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