Hyperbonding staking

The ICY. Money is a decentralized finance platform taking staking to a new level with its ‘Hyperbonding’ concept, which promises massive returns. The platform has confirmed the launch of its Stage on January 5.

This passive income building platform will be offering investor insurance and “treasury Hyperbonding.” The Avalanche-based protocol quoted some insane annual percentage returns in a December tweet explaining how it works.

Also, $TIME is the native token for Wonderland, a decentralized reserve currency protocol also based on the Avalanche network.

What is Hyperbonding?

ICY. Money explained that the Hyperbonding process is based on 4,4 bonding. In simple terms, it is based on the game theory where users are more likely to stake when they anticipate a price increase.

First, users purchase a bond called Mint. Then, a rebase process automatically allows bonded positions to rebuy discounted $TIME tokens, which are released over five days.

Furthermore, users are encouraged to “claim and auto stake” before each rebase, which compounds the earnings, giving them the maximum bond reward. The $TIME tokens are automatically re-vested before each rebase, which increases the yield over time.

Additionally, if users follow the same process, game theory dictates that they will all gain maximum yields through 4,4 Hyperbonding. Here is a picture that summarizes the process:

Image – ICY.Money/Twitter

Moreover, ICY. Money explained that investors could manually perform this strategy to gain higher returns on $TIME. However, this strategy requires investors to claim and stake three times more per day for five days straight.

On the other hand, the 2nd stage of the Hyperbonding process will be launched on January 5. Moreover, a similar project called Hector DAO also offers staking and bonding opportunities.

$ICY & $TIME Price Surges

When writing this article, the price of the platform’s native token, $ICY, has skyrocketed today, adding 18.9% while markets are still retreating. It has a price of $0.0000000036 with a 24-hour trading volume of $110,000.

On the other hand, the $TIME token, the reward for staking and bonding, was down 0.9%. Furthermore, it has dropped around 17% over the past week and was trading at $3,081 at writing.

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