P2P.org's DVT restaking on SSV Network exceeds 500k ETH

P2P.org combines technology that offers organizations a safe, rewarding staking solution. Most organizations never get to stake a large amount and increase their protocol’s security.

That’s where P2P.org comes in. Let’s get right in with P2P.org’s DVT Restaking feature.

What is P2P.org’s DVT Restaking?

Restaking is one way to enjoy compound wealth. Since restaking became famous in 2023, DeFi protocols have been working to ensure stakers get the best services and highest-yield-earning opportunities. Let’s look at one DeFi protocol that introduced a better Restaking option for even prominent clients.

P2P.org introduces a new restaking service that utilizes the potential of the SSV network and EigenLayer. P2P.org allows institutional or organizational clients to earn rewards while ensuring the safety of their assets. The combination of DVT (Distributed Validator Technology) from SSV and EigenLayer restaking protocol creates a robust product out of P2P.org. By using P2P.org’s DVT restaking service, you can earn 5.6% APR, which will also help secure Ethereum and L2 chains.

P2P did some clever work by launching a restaking platform using DVT. This intelligent work makes restaking a lot easier. Institutions and individuals can now restake their assets without all the complexities attached to restaking.

More About P2P.org

P2P.org’s DVT-powered restaking is already in use, and one of its first-ever biggest clients is Matrixport. Matrixport is in Hong Kong, and its services are second to none: top-notch with attention to detail. It offers services that are easy to use and decentralized for the safety of assets.

Matrixport’s use of P2P.org’s restaking services will put P2P.org out there to investors as a platform for earning yields while staying secure. P2P.org’s restaking service is one of the first to use DVT for organizational clients. DVT boosts Ethereum’s staking security and the whole ecosystem.

SSV.network provides staking technology based on distributed validator technology (DVT). SSV is an open-source protocol that allows anyone to use their staking technologies to create their services or applications powered by DVT. Developers and organizations can take advantage of this and build their staking platforms.



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