altcoin buzz and indonesia crypto network partnership

The popularity of crypto asset investment is increasing and attracting investors in Indonesia. According to a study conducted by Gemini, ownership of crypto assets in Indonesia is among the highest globally.

Many investors in Indonesia see this asset class as a hedge for future inflation, this study also states that 41% Indonesians, aged between 18 and 75 with an income of over $14,000 per year, own crypto assets.

Indonesia’s Crypto Market Has Been Growing Steadily

The growth of the crypto market in Indonesia at the very least can be reflected by the number of crypto users in the country, where it has doubled in 2022, and currently stands at over 16.3 million people according to data from BAPPEBTI. This number is quite impressive, because it exceeds the number of stock traders/users in Indonesia, which only amounts to 9.54 million.

Behind the high interest in investment, there are several supporting factors that play a role, including crypto asset investors, the government, and also media which frequently give Indonesians information and education about crypto. 

As the largest  cross-channel crypto agency in Indonesia since 2016, Indonesia Crypto Network is always dedicated to  helping Indonesians to be digital assets beneficiaries. 

To strengthen the education of Web3 in Indonesia, ICN established a partnership with Altcoin Buzz, one of the leading media portals dedicated to providing information and education about crypto and Web3.

Indonesia Crypto Network (ICN) Partners With Altcoin Buzz

ICN through its media arm, Coinvestasi, will present and localise various information from Altcoin Buzz to the Indonesian version and Altcoin Buzz will provide the latest and most trusted information to help the development of information about crypto world to the Indonesians.

“Despite the huge increase in the past years, Indonesia crypto adoption is still relatively low compared to other Asian countries. By working with Altcoin Buzz, we hope to increase the awareness and education with quality in the Web3 space,” said Felita, Director ICN.

On the other hand, Shashwat Gupta, CEO Altcoin Buzz also said, “We do a lot of research and spend time to simplify what is happening in the world of web3, cryptocurrency and blockchain. Altcoin Buzz aims to be the kindergarten of crypto for people trying to understand about the space and make it easier to differentiate what it means to be a speculator, a trader, or a user. Partnering with Coinvestasi and ICN, will enable us to share more information with people in Indonesia and help onboard users to the space in a comfortable manner with better understanding.”

About ICN 

Indonesia Crypto Network (ICN) is the largest cross channel crypto media group in Indonesia and the go-to partner since 2016. Coinvestasi and Coindesk Indonesia is the subsidiary media arm of ICN.

About Altcoin Buzz 

Founded in 2017, Altcoin Buzz is an independent digital media outlet that delivers the latest news and opinions in the world of Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain Technology, Regulations, Adoption and Blockchain Gaming. We are considered as a Global crypto media leader. You can check out their website, our Youtube Channel, and our Telegram channel.

About Coinvestasi 

Coinvestasi is Indonesia’s leading cross-platform media for information related to cryptocurrencies, digital assets and blockchain technology. Coinvestasi also one of the crypto media under Indonesia Crypto Network.

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