Phantom Introduces 'Wallet Watcher' for View-Only Account Tracking

This innovative feature allows users to add any wallet as a view-only account within Phantom.

It provides a seamless and secure way to monitor the activity of other wallets without the need to own or manage them directly. The introduction of “Wallet Watcher” marks a significant leap forward on Phantom by enhancing user experience and engagement on the Phantom platform.

Key Features of Wallet Watcher

Let’s discover more about its features:

  1. Watch the Wallets of Friends, Traders, and Industry Leaders

With Wallet Watcher, users now have the unparalleled ability to keep an eye on the wallets of friends, traders, and industry leaders. This feature opens up a world of possibilities, enabling users to gain insights into the investment strategies and holdings of those they admire or wish to emulate. So, by observing the moves of successful crypto holders in the crypto space, users can learn from their strategies, making more informed decisions for their own investments.

2. Try Out Phantom for ETH and BTC Before You Import

Phantom offers a risk-free exploration of its features, acknowledging users’ hesitation with crypto. So, users can now try out Phantom for ETH) and BTC without the immediate need to import their assets. This trial feature lets users explore Phantom’s interface and functions before committing to importing assets.

3. Discover What Top Collectors Are Accumulating

For those interested in the world of NFTs and unique digital assets, Wallet Watcher offers an exciting feature to discover what top collectors are accumulating. This insight offers a look into trends and valuable assets, aiding users in making informed decisions. So, This feature is a valuable tool for anyone in the NFT space to stay ahead in the digital collectibles world.


Finally, Phantom’s ‘Wallet Watcher’ marks a major advancement in user engagement with the blockchain ecosystem. The Phantom wallet enhances user experience and fosters an informed crypto community with its new features.


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