Wanchain recently shared a huge milestone on its X page. Wanchain announced that it had transacted over $1 billion in cross-chain volume on its bridges. The news shows Wanchain’s resilience over the last few years.

Wanchain was one of the earliest blockchain interoperability platforms. Also, it provides cross-chain support between chains like Bitcoin and Cardano. Wanchain currently supports more than 30 chains.

Reactions to the milestone

Reaching the $1 billion milestone reflects Wanchain’s growth. The project has made progress in its bid to connect the blockchain world.

Having hit the $1 billion mark, Wanchain now sets its eyes on crossing the $10 billion volume. Wanchain’s milestone comes as no surprise, given its reputation. The project has maintained high standards. And they have gone through six years of uninterrupted uptime. Wanchain has also had zero hacks and zero attacks on its bridges. This leaves the road clear for hitting its next target.

Andrej Uličný, Marketing Manager, Wanchain said in a statement,

“$1 billion. That’s roughly how much Facebook bought Instagram for in 2012. Now at Wanchain we have achieved the same dollar amount in cross-chain volume for our flagship product – The Wanchain Bridge. Imagine that virtually every dollar in this volume represents a happy customer. One that is moving tokens from his home chain to get access to awesome opportunities on other chains by using our bridge. That’s what we’ve achieved here.”

XFlows, the magic behind the actions

What’s the secret sauce to Wanchain’s achievement? XFlows! Wanchain’s XFlows is a decentralized bridge. It supports native-to-native cross-chain transactions for assets that exist natively on different chains.

XFlows relies on Wanchain’s bridges to support non-custodial transformations between chains. These chains no longer need centralized exchanges. XFlows expands liquidity. And contributes to the growth of DeFi.

XFlows ensures that you can bridge native versions of:

  • Bitcoin.

  • Ethereum.

  • USDC.

  • USDT.

Wanchan’s cross-chain bridges shape DeFi into a trustworthy space. The team is busy connecting all Web3. They’ve struck many partnerships and integrations to achieve this. They recently announced the launch of new decentralized, non-custodial cross-chain bridges. These bridges connect Blast testnet to 9 other networks.

What makes Wanchain unique? 

Wanchain’s focus on decentralization sets it apart from other bridges. Its simple design allows users to transact with many networks. And these transactions do not rely on middlemen.

We expect market conditions to improve very soon. This means there’ll be greater demand for interoperability. That’s where Wanchain comes in. By moving assets across chains, Wanchain unlocks opportunities within crypto. You can get the tokens you want on the exact chain you want. Just like $1 billion’s worth of users have done using Wanchain already.


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