hi is an ambitious protocol. They are bringing conventional banking to the blockchain. And they operate it as a non-profit. Because they serve their members, they only add services their members want. And their members want games. So now, introducing hi Play.

With hi Play, you can play one of 10 different P2E games just by signing into your hi account. You can use both Rewards and Flexible accounts to play and you get the chance to earn hi Dollars. There are also daily and weekly tournaments in the games where you can earn even more.

hi supports 10 games. They are actively seeking agreements with:

with more titles to follow.

‘As the hi ecosystem expands, it’s exciting to introduce initiatives that give members more ways to engage with our token. The hi Play portal is the first iteration of our GameFi offering, we feel well-positioned to now become a dominant force in the emergent Play-to-Earn and GameFi space.’ says hi co-founder Sean Rach.

How hi Play Works

hi is forming a game guild for its members to help them in P2E games. This reduces costs for members who may not have the money to buy the assets necessary to begin one of these games like the 3 Axies you need to start playing Axie Infinity.

hi will be issuing game chips to members. Members pay from either the Flexible or Rewards account to buy the chips and enter the prize pool. The top 25% of tournament winners split the prize pool. They have new tournaments starting every hour as well as daily and weekly. This is a nice way to break into P2E games if you are new and do so all from your hi account.

This video tutorial from hi shows you how to use the hi Play portal.

So now hi isn’t just your blockchain bank, they can be your GameFi gaming portal too.

hi Price Activity

hi Dollars are currently trading at 59 cents, up just slightly in the last 24 hours. It has a total supply of 580 million and a circulating supply of just under 150 million. That gives hi a market cap of $88.6 million, thanks to our friends at Coingecko.

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