Rekt Set to Launch V2 and Introduce $DICE

There are lots of predictions about what sector of the crypto market people believe will take off this bull market. Some predict DeFi and NFTs will lead the charge. But the gaming world isn’t far from the truth. 

Web3 gaming is back on the scene. And we’ll see many gaming projects hit the spotlight. Investors are already pouring funds into gaming projects like Creta World. But another gaming project, Rekt, is back.

Spotlight on Creta World and Rekt

We wrote about this protocol sometime last year. But the team has made major moves since then. Rekt is one of the top GambleFi projects to look out for. If you’ve paid close attention, you’ll realize that Telegram games are fast becoming a trend. 

Rekt plans to build a community bonded by their love for fun and creative content. Although there’ve been bumps along the way, such as a hack, the team has managed to weather through them. The team has shown resilience by updating its roadmap to reflect its commitment to further development. 

Rekt has a strongly-knit community. They got about 1 million STV in their first token launch. The event was also 4x to 5x oversubscribed. So, the team had to cut out more people to join in. This campaign was highly successful. It allegedly helped users earn $25  from their investment a few minutes after the launch. 

Here’s the interesting part. 80% of the tokens are still in circulation. This means holders are still betting and are bullish on the project. Rekt is planning on a relaunch. The team also identified some major updates planned for the future. This includes:

  1. Launch an NFT.
  2. Position $REKT as a memecoin to create more fun for users.
Rekt Plans to Introduce DICE

Rekt is in the process of launching its v2. But the team has another big news coming up afterward. They plan to launch Dice, a new Telegram-based casino game. The game has a native token known as $DICE. $DICE will also serve as a reward token. As per their plans, DICE will launch shortly after the v2 launches. v2 is currently in testnet. This means it will go live pretty soon. 

The Dice game will be Ethereum-compatible at launch. Here’s the interesting part: every REKT holder will get DICE as an airdrop. Players will get DICE airdropped to them based on their play volume in the Rekt game. They also have the option to farm these tokens to get more. 

The team plans to throw out lots of content. They also have lots of partnerships in the pipeline. So, there’s a lot to look forward to in the coming days. 

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