Riot Platforms Powers Bitcoin with Waste Energy

This partnership with Reformed Energy transforms landfill waste into energy for Bitcoin mining, advancing environmental responsibility in crypto.

Riot Platforms, committed to sustainable Bitcoin mining, actively seeks to lessen its environmental impact.

Sustainable Mining: Riot Platforms’ Eco-Friendly Initiative

The partnership with Reformed Energy, a company at the forefront of renewable energy solutions, represents a pivotal moment in this journey. Reformed Energy’s tech turns landfill waste into clean, sustainable energy, achieving waste reduction and green energy.

The CEO of Riot Platforms praised the partnership, highlighting Bitcoin mining’s role in driving renewable energy innovation: “The low fixed-cost, carbon-neutral energy that Reformed Energy’s technology will generate is also a clear demonstration of how Bitcoin mining incentivizes innovation and development of new renewable sources of energy”. This highlights Bitcoin mining’s potential to spur tech advancements for environmental sustainability.

Bitcoin mining, a process that requires substantial electrical power, has faced criticism for its environmental impact. Mining’s energy demands raise concerns about carbon emissions and the cryptocurrency sector’s sustainability. However, the partnership between Riot Platforms and Reformed Energy offers a promising solution to these challenges. Utilizing landfill waste energy, the initiative cuts Bitcoin mining’s carbon footprint and promotes renewable energy use in the crypto industry.

More About Riot Platforms

Riot, alongside TX blockchain and Digital Chamber, took a stand against government overreach by filing a lawsuit. This legal action reacted to the federal government’s attempt to conduct an “emergency” survey that risked exposing sensitive business information of miners without adequate justification or the chance for public scrutiny.

The successful outcome of this lawsuit led to the federal government agreeing to terminate the controversial survey. Moreover, entities such as the EIAgov and OMBPress are now required to halt the mandatory survey, erase all previously gathered data, cover specific costs incurred from the court proceedings, and adhere to proper administrative protocols, including public notice and the opportunity for comment, before initiating future information collection efforts.


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