Ronin Boosts DeFi: New Pool & Staking Surge

The introduction of the RON/PIXEL liquidity pool on the Katana DEX stands out as a significant enhancement.

Alongside a remarkable growth in staking participation and a surge in interactions with the $RON / $RONIN staking contract. These milestones underscore Ronin’s commitment to fostering a robust and dynamic DeFi environment.

The RON/PIXEL Liquidity Pool on Katana DEX

The network has launched the RON/PIXEL liquidity pool on its native decentralized exchange, Katana DEX. This new liquidity pool is a game-changer for both $RON and $PIXEL holders, offering them enhanced flexibility and opportunities:

  • Swap RON to PIXEL and Vice-Versa: Users can now easily exchange their $RON for $PIXEL tokens and vice versa.
  • Provide Liquidity and Earn Rewards: By contributing to the liquidity pool, users can earn rewards, incentivizing participation and investment in the platform’s growth.
  • Convert $BERRY to $PIXEL: For those holding $BERRY tokens, now is the time to convert them to $PIXEL.

This initiative not only increases liquidity within the Katana DEX but also enhances the utility and accessibility of the $RON and $PIXEL tokens.

Ronin’s Staking Surge

Another noteworthy development is the significant increase in staking activity on the Ronin network. Over 35,000 delegators staking 189 million $RON signals strong confidence in Ronin’s future and $RON’s value.

This surge in staking activity demonstrates the community’s trust in Ronin’s vision and its commitment to securing the network’s operations.

Engagement with $RON / $RONIN Staking Contract

A 460% spike in addresses using the $RON/$RONIN staking contract highlights growing interest in Ronin’s offerings.

This dramatic increase signifies a growing enthusiasm among users to participate in Ronin’s staking mechanisms, further solidifying its position as a leading platform in the DeFi space.


Ronin’s recent announcements, from the launch of the RON/PIXEL liquidity pool on Katana DEX to the remarkable growth in staking and engagement with the staking contract, mark significant strides in its journey to redefine the DeFi landscape.


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