Sony Bank Tests Stablecoin on Polygon Blockchain

Sony Bank has launched a proof-of-concept for its fiat-pegged stablecoin, highlighting its growing focus on blockchain.

This trial is occurring on the Polygon blockchain. This choice underscores Sony’s dedication to using advanced blockchain infrastructure for its digital currency projects.

Sony’s Stablecoin Trial on Polygon

The decision to explore the potential of stablecoins, as reported by Nikkei, is driven by the desire to reduce payment and remittance fees. This matches Sony’s strategy to use digital currencies to promote its intellectual properties, especially in gaming and sports.

Sony’s stablecoin trial focuses on both technology and the legal aspects of digital currencies. The trial aims to address and resolve any legal concerns related to the transfer of Japanese yen-backed stablecoins. This months-long exploration will be crucial for assessing the feasibility and legal compliance of Sony’s stablecoin. Belgium-based blockchain firm SettleMint has been tasked with spearheading this development, bringing their expertise to ensure the project’s success.

This move is part of Sony Group’s broader foray into Web3 technologies. The company’s video game division recently made headlines with its patent application aimed at integrating NFTs into gaming. This approach could give gamers more control over in-game assets, transforming gaming with new ownership and traceability features.

Moreover, Sony is collaborating with Startale Labs, a core developer behind the Astar Network, to create its public blockchain network. According to Startale CEO Sota Watanabe, this ambitious project is now in the execution phase, following one and a half years of meticulous development. This collaboration signifies Sony’s intention to not only participate in the blockchain ecosystem but to actively shape its future.

As Sony Bank moves forward with its stablecoin proof-of-concept on the Polygon blockchain, the implications for the entertainment and gaming industries, as well as for the broader digital economy, could be profound.


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