On 21st of June, Bittrex US will be delisting 32 Cryptocurrencies, and will therefore be inaccessible to US Bittrex customers, but they will still be available on Bittrex International for non-US customers.  

A recent update from Bittrex has stated that trading of 32 Cryptocurrencies will be halted on the Bittrex US platform from the 21st of June. International customers will not be affected, and withdrawals are still open. Exact reasons are not given as to what regulations each Cryptocurrency is breaking, but it is most likely due to the increasing uncertainty surrounding Cryptocurrency regulations in the US and the potential for some to be classified as securities in the US. Trading is unaffected for International users. A full list of affected Cryptocurrencies is included below.

With the recent news about the NYDFS rejecting Bittrex’s BitLicense, it looks like Bittrex is now taking steps to avoid any further setbacks of this type, as well as trying to avoid any potential lawsuits like the ones we have seen recently, such as KIK ICO and the exchange Etherdelta. Regulation is a hot topic in the world of Cryptocurrency, and with the increasing number of DEX’s and decentralized nature of the space as a whole, it will be interesting to see how long the authorities respond.


Affected Cryptocurrencies are:

  • ADT

  • AMP

  • BAY

  • BCPT


  • BOXX

  • CMCT

  • DNT

  • DTA

  • ENG

  • FCT

  • FLDC

  • GO

  • GTO


  • IHT

  • ION

  • LBA

  • MFT

  • MOBI

  • NLC2

  • NMR

  • PRO

  • PTOY

  • QRL

  • QTUM

  • RFR



  • SWT

  • XEL

  • XNK


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