The Arbitrum Odessey Is Reignited, Get Your NFT Badges

Arbitrum had a great token airdrop earlier this year. Now it reignites its Odyssey again. As of September 26th, there will be 7 weeks of new missions. There’s a new mission each week.

During these missions, you get to explore no less than 13 projects. These are all projects inside the Arbitrum ecosystem. So, let’s take a closer look at this Arbitrum Odyssey.

What is the Arbitrum Odyssey?

Be aware that this Arbitrum Odyssey is not an airdrop. For each week you complete, you receive a badge or NFT as a reward. In total, you can get your hands on 16 badges. For instance,

  • 13 badges for the 13 missions. One badge per task.
  • 1 badge if you took part in the original bridging week.
  • If you used Hop Protocol during that original bridge week, you get another badge. You can collect that badge here. (1 badge if you manage to collect 12 out of the 15 badges.)

You can view all your collected badges under your OpenSea profile. The following table shows the missions for each week and the badges you can collect.

Arbitrum Odyssey

Source: Arbitrum blog

Meanwhile, the Arbitrum Portal also saw an overhaul. Everything related to the Odyssey can be found here. With the new missions, there are two projects that don’t have a token out yet!

  1. Aboard Exchange.
  2. TofuNFT.
Arbitrum Odyssey

The original Odyssey from one year ago had to stop. After week 1 was completed, there was too much traffic during the second week. The network got congested, and the team put the Odyssey on hold. This created space for the Nitro upgrade on Arbitrum. As a result, this increased the capacity of the chain x7. 

Thus, the next step was to reignite the Odyssey. This allows users to explore the Arbitrum ecosystem in a fun and rewarding way. So, for now, check if you qualify for the Hop Bridge activity during the original first Odyssey week, 1 year ago. Now wait until the 26th of September, to start with the new missions. GMX is up first.


After a break, Arbitrum reignited its Odyssey. During seven weeks, you can get each week an NFT. Take part in the Odyssey and the weekly NFT is your reward. The Odyssey is not airdrop, though. Still, it’s a great way to explore the Arbitrum ecosystem. You get to explore no less than 13 projects. It starts with GMX.

The current Arbitrum (ARB) token price is $0.8137. It has a market cap of $1 billion. The max and total supply of ARB token is 10 billion. Out of these, 1.275 billion already circulate.


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