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The crypto boom of 2021 launched many aspects of the blockchain market into mainstream attention. The blockchain-backed gaming industry enjoyed its big break last year. As a result, several new projects launched in the space to increase adoption and lure in more users.

Project Quantum is among the blockchain gaming platforms worth taking a glance at. The platform has had a striking effect on the industry since it launched. Even though crypto gaming attracts investors and market participants, it has not lived up to everyone’s expectations in certain areas.

The industry is no doubt worth billions of dollars, but so far, that seems to be everyone’s focus. However, Project Quantum is writing a new script. The AAA first-person shooter gaming platform offers users a chance to earn. Then, it also ensures a maximum gaming experience via high-quality characters and intriguing modes.

Furthermore, a well-experienced team in blockchain runs Project Quantum. This includes Jason Tennet, who previously worked on Crackdown 3 and Halo: Master Chief Collection. Jamie Magnus, who served as the main director on the last two series of Doctor Who, is the lead world builder for the game. Project Quantum’s team strength has been the bait to potential investors and gamers.

What Makes the Project Quantum’s Game Different?

Project Quantum has many features that make it stand out in the gaming community. First, its free-to-play model means that there are few requirements to begin playing the game. Also, Project Quantum’s storyline matches some of the best Hollywood blockbusters.

The game begins with a colonist who reemerges after a long period of time. So the aim is to set up a human colony on Charnel, a distant planet. Nevertheless, a ship called “Jericho,” crashed on its arrival. Charnel is a center of attraction for explorers hoping to get its rich treasures. But, the journey is a dangerous one. Players have to compete with mysterious beasts and explorers to get treasures in Charnel.

What are the Developers up to?

In a recent Medium release by the team, Project Quantum seems to be working hard to ensure it fulfills its pledge of a one-of-a-kind crypto game. The team is presently getting close to having a playable POC1 game mode (Proof of Concept Milestone 1). This mode would be different from what a player would see in a public version of Project Quantum.

However, it would play a huge role in verifying recent progress. According to the developers, this mode accurately reflects many of the core elements of Quantum’s flagship game mode. This includes MODEX customization and losing MODEX pieces. Furthermore, developers intend to release this game mode in about a month. They also expect it to come with as few bugs as possible. However, this timing isn’t fixed. It is subject to change.

Each player in the POC1 game mode selects a starting preset MODEX loadout and enters the map. Also, the model has here are three three-person teams. So, each team tries to collect as many MODEX parts as possible by removing opponents and plundering MODEX parts from them. Then, gamers must safely transport and “bank” these looted MODEX components. Furthermore, players can also use their looted MODEX parts to customize their loadout all through the game. As a result, players can enjoy some cool combos.

What’s the Programming Like?

Speaking about programming, the team alleged that some UI plugins have been integrated as pseudo-placeholders on the programming side. The Proof-of-concept model does not mandate the team to build everything itself. So this will greatly enhance the UI’s appearance while also saving development time. In addition, the team said it’s been working on establishing the systems for the proof-of-concept game mode. Developers are setting up functions such as loadout editing, looting, scoring, etc.

Furthermore, the developers said they have begun to incorporate AI systems into the project to fill open positions in teams. Although AI can not completely mirror player behavior, it will enable developers to test their products. This would not require any team assembling thereby saving time. Additionally, this would also provide a framework for programming AI for the native creatures that wander around Charnel.

What’s the Art Aspect of this Mode Like?

The team said they have put real effort into the artistic aspect of the game. A lot of attention was paid to the weapons needed for looting since the new game mode is loot-heavy. Project Quantum said it opted for swift manufacturing of lower-fidelity assets since the art isn’t formulated. This makes creating quality assets pointless. Also, this would trigger faster production and is visual-friendly for players.

The team has readied animations for pistols, assault rifles, heavy machine guns, etc. This would help weapons of a similar type to use the same animations. Finally, pistols in the proof-of-concept will utilize similar animations for running, firing, and reloading.

Notably, this is a huge upgrade over using Assault Rifle animations for just about everything. Also, it saves the team time in creating custom animation sets for each weapon and each action performed with that weapon.

This proof-of-concept attempt seems exciting just like the whole Project Quantum. Joining an intriguing project on time is a good way to build an investment portfolio. Those who want a closer look at Project Quantum can check out their Discord.

As of this writing, the QBIT price is $0.000067. It has a 24-hour trading volume of $155,348 USD. Project Quantum is up 3.57% in the last 24 hours, bucking the market trend.

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