Make 61% APY With TORN on This Platform

Earning opportunities in decentralized finance are still plentiful despite the broader crypto market slump. This platform is offering more than 60% returns for staking certain tokens.

DeFi earnings platform PowerPool has announced a new vault for the Tornado Cash token, TORN. The protocol made the announcement that the ppTORN pool was live on May 10.

Furthermore, the new vault allows users to maximize TORN staking returns by utilizing PowerPool’s auto-compounding algorithm. The vault uses a ppTORN smart contract that aggregates user deposits into the Tornado Cash governance staking contract.

Tornado Cash is a popular Ethereum mixing service that anonymizes transactions. Furthermore, the vault harvests and auto-compounds Tornado protocol fees for additional rewards.

More Than 60% APY

According to the announcement, the team calculated that during a two-month period, users generated 61% APY in the ppTORN vault. This is better than the 52% they earned for direct staking without the vault.

Additionally, users only pay the transfer fee and there is no fee for staking into the Tornado Cash contract, harvesting, or re-staking. To use the ppTORN vault, DeFi farmers need to do the following:

  • Navigate to the website,
  • Click the “Vaults” section,
  • Deposit TORN into the ppTORN vault, (needs wallet approval)
  • Enjoy decent returns,
  • Withdraw staked tokens when ready.

There was almost $100,000 in total value locked in the vault at the time of writing.

To develop the new DeFi product, the team ran experiments that processed on-chain data from the Tornado governance staking contract. A two-month test was run to estimate a staker’s income in different scenarios with harvesting and re-staking.

“The results revealed that ppTORN allows users to generate more income while reducing ETH gas costs and yield management time.”

It calculated that the ideal time frame for harvesting and re-staking was around 40 hours. Furthermore, PowerPool has automated all of the operations making the process very simple for TORN holders.

Additionally, there is no fixed lockup period so stakers can withdraw their initial deposit and rewards whenever they feel like it.

PowerPool has a mission to create and actively manage a diversified portfolio of automated, gas/capital-efficient, structured DeFi product portfolios, and smart vaults.

TORN Price Outlook

The Tornado Cash token has made no gain over the last 24 hours. As a result, TORN was trading at $43.01 at the time of writing. However, the token has been battered with the rest of the crypto market this month.

TORN has slumped 15.8% over the past week and is down 90% from its February 2021 all-time high of $436.

The PowerPool Concentrated Voting Power token, CVP, has dropped 9.9% on the day to trade at $0.466. CVP has fallen even further from its all-time high.

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