What Is the Future of Cosmos? See the IBC 2024 Roadmap

Internet of Blockchains Communications (IBC), also known as Cosmos, recently shared its 2024 roadmap, outlining its plans for the coming year.

The ATOM price has been far from impressive in recent months. But, the new roadmap offers a glimmer of hope to the Cosmos faithful. Let’s discover what this Roadmap has to say.

IBC 2024 Roadmap

In summary, Cosmos plans to focus on usability and scalability in 2024. Cosmos first announced its new roadmap in a tweet. The tweet also noted that IBC has overseen 52 million transfers of $29 billion in value across over 100 chains since 2022. Let’s look at the roadmap.

Usability and Scalability Plans

In terms of usability, the IBC teams want to improve middleware by enabling multi-packet atomicity. And boosting the movement of arbitrary data alongside a token transaction. The usability goals also focus on the development of advanced cross-chain workflows on top of IBC. Furthermore, it will work on enhancing and differentiating the developer experience for IBC users.

In addition, there are technical improvements to expand IBC in the coming year. This includes decoupling IBC-go from the Cosmos SDK, OP Stack integration, scoping generic IBC-go, and IBC-rs integration with the Sovereign SDK for ZK rollup compatibility. These plans, according to the tweet, are consistent with the goals of increasing IBC’s scope and applicability.

The roadmap’s scalability goals include reducing the time needed for native IBC implementation, lowering IBC maintenance expenses, and making it possible for several blockchains to make IBC connections.


The Cosmos roadmap highlighted four core areas of interest to the network:

  • User adoption.
  • Market strategy.
  • Clearing technical debt.
  • Developer experience.

The IBC protocol has the potential to revolutionize blockchain interoperability, and these plans could lead to huge growth for the network in 2024.

In addition, experts are optimistic about ATOM’s price in 2024 due to the rising demand for cross-chain abilities and the new roadmap. ATOM currently trades at $7.15. Data from Coingecko shows that the Cosmos community is bullish. Over 88% of users have a positive outlook on the project.

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