Telegram’s ambitious foray into the world of blockchain technology promised to redefine the way transactions are conducted. Aiming to overcome the scalability limitations that have hindered many other blockchain networks.

Despite its grand vision, TON recently encountered a significant challenge. The network was expected to handle a staggering 100,000 TPS. So, now it found itself struggling to cope with an unexpected surge in transactions. As a result, the TON blockchain experienced a temporary disruption, leading to a momentary halt in its operations.

The Current State of TON

TON is currently operating at a significantly reduced transaction processing speed of 1 TPS. This is a considerable drop from the promised 100,000 TPS, and it has prompted discussions within the blockchain community about the scalability of TON.

The abrupt slowdown in TON’s transaction processing speed raises questions about the factors contributing to this unexpected hurdle. While TON was designed with scalability in mind, the transaction surge might have exposed certain bottlenecks or limitations in the current infrastructure.

In response to the recent issues, the developers of TON detected that this problem was caused by the launch of Bitcoin’s Ordinals type of inscription use case in the blockchain.


While TON may have experienced a temporary setback in its pursuit of becoming the most scalable blockchain. The incident is a testament to the challenges inherent in pushing the boundaries of technology.

As developers work diligently to enhance TON’s scalability, the blockchain community watches closely, recognizing that overcoming obstacles is an integral part of the journey toward building the next generation of decentralized and scalable networks.

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