TON Introduces Major Ad Revenue Share for Telegram Channels

Now, Telegram channel owners earn 50% of ad revenue, opening a new monetization era for creators.

Telegram, known for its vast user base, generates over 1 trillion views across channels every month. Let’s explore more about this important news for TON channel creators.

New Revenue Model Empowers Telegram Creators

This vast engagement has paved the way for a lucrative opportunity for channel owners. Under the new system, public channel owners with at least 1,000 subscribers can earn 50% of the ad revenue from their content. This move incentivizes quality content creation and allows creators to earn significantly based on their channel’s popularity and engagement.

Revenue can be withdrawn without any fees, providing immediate financial benefits. Alternatively, earnings can be reinvested into the platform for Telegram ads, collectible usernames, or Premium giveaways. This flexibility helps channel owners expand their presence on Telegram and boost follower engagement.

To facilitate this new advertising model, TON is introducing a new type of ad that can be purchased with Toncoins, the cryptocurrency native to the TON blockchain. This integration not only utilizes the blockchain’s capabilities but also opens up advertising to a broader range of users. With the ability to set budgets as low as a few Toncoins, even small-scale creators or businesses can now promote their bots or channels effectively.

More About TON’s Ad Revenue

When setting up ads, channel owners can choose specific channels, giving them full control over the ad placement. This ensures that their promotions align with their brand and audience preferences. This customization aims to maximize ad relevance and impact, increasing the return on investment for advertisers. It also ensures a positive experience for users. Here is a case:

TON’s new initiative is a game-changer in the digital advertising world, offering a win-win situation for both Telegram and its community of channel owners. By giving creators a significant share of ad revenue and allowing them full control over ad placements, TON is setting a new standard for how platforms can support and reward their contributors.

This strategy not only boosts creator morale but also encourages them to produce more engaging and high-quality content, potentially leading to increased viewership and higher earnings.



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