Top 5 Crypto News: 01/23

After making a daily low of $31,480, Bitcoin is now trading close to $32,409, and Ethereum is trading close to $1,295.  According to Coingecko, Chainlink surpassed the market cap of Litecoin and grabbed 7th rank.

Let’s find out some interesting crypto news for today.

MicroStrategy Bought the Bitcoin Dip and Acquired Bitcoin Worth $10 Million

Michael Saylor tweeted that MicroStrategy bought approximately 314 bitcoins for $10 million in cash. In accordance with MicroStrategy’s treasury reserve policy, the company now holds approximately 70,784 bitcoins.

Vulcan Link | Chainlink Integration on Skale Network To Build Advanced Smart Contracts

Vulcan Link, a Web3 development and consulting agency, integrated with Chainlink on Skale Network. With this integration, Vulcan Link will leverage the Chainlink Network. Additionally, Chainlink will support Skale Network to build advanced smart contract applications.

Securitized Asset Platform Queenbee Integrates Chainlink Oracles To Price Securitized Tokens

Queenbee integrated with Chainlink to evaluate the businesses which are tokenized on its platforms, like balance sheets, shareholder lists, third-party evaluations, and more. QueenBee also plans on using Chainlink to provide proper prices for securitized tokens on both DEX and CEX exchanges through the use of Chainlink’s price feed oracles.

Elrond Network Partnered With Band Protocol To Scale the Decentralized Internet

Elrond Network integrated with Band Protocol. According to the tweet, EGLD now uses Band Protocol oracles price feeds. Additionally, all developers and smart contracts on Elrond can access any external data in a highly reliable and secure manner.

Alliance Block Collaborates With Chainlink To Build the World’s First Globally Compliant Decentralized Capital Market

AllianceBlock combines Chainlink with top-notch traditional finance entities and exchanges to perform new and valuable data feeds for Chainlink’s oracle network. This is an innovation to bridge DeFi and CeFi.

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