Top 5 Crypto News: 02/02

At the time of press, Bitcoin is trading at $36,131. The second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading at $1,514.

Let’s find out some interesting crypto news for today.

Enjin | LABS Group Partnership To Make the World’s Largest Asset Class Accessible

Enjin partnered with LABS Group to make the world’s largest asset class, real estate, accessible through tokenization. According to reports, LABS will create NFT property assets with Enjin which are easily tradable and accessible. Additionally, people can invest as little as $100 in this type of fractional real estate asset.

Paid Network | Bridge Mutual (BMI) Partnership To Provide Insurance To Business Agreements

Paid Network partnered with Bridge Mutual (BMI) to insure business contracts. BMI is a blockchain-based decentralized insurance application that will help PAID’s users to secure their business agreements.

Bancor Expanding Through Cross-chain Bridge Liquidity Protocol To Polkadot

Bancor announced expansion of its decentralized liquidity protocol to Polkadot. Furthermore, This bridge will develop with the LiquidApps team to create pools, provide liquidity, and perform trustless cross-chain swaps on Bancor between Polkadot and ERC20 tokens.

Injective | Conflux Partnership To Develop New Derivative Products

Injective collaborated with Conflux to expand cross-chain derivatives trading. The integration between the two entities will reportedly be seamless as Injective features EVM compatibility. Conflux supports EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) for its smart contracts, so such contracts can easily migrate to Conflux from Ethereum.

SushiSwap Announces MISO — Minimal Initial SushiSwap Offering

SushiSwap announced the launch of MISO, a suite of open-source smart contracts, to ease the process of new projects launching on its exchange. According to the tweet, MISO will provide a lot of innovative options to users such as initial offering, vault, farm options, and many more.

DeFi tokens continue to perform well due to an increase in trading volume on decentralized exchanges. Hence, SushiSwap price is also surging. Furthermore, according to Dune Analytics, in the month of January, volume on decentralized exchanges reached a new all-time high of over $60 billion, which surpassed the December aggregate volume of $25 billion.

At the time of press, Sushi was trading close to $12.64, which is around a 56% gain in the last week. Before undergoing a correction, it rallied from $4 to a high of $13.60 in the last month.

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