Top Crypto Events in May 2023

Over the last couple of months, we’ve seen new projects launch in the market, and some of these projects have gone on to have their token sales on popular launchpads. These activities all point to the fact that we are gradually getting back to business in crypto.

This does not mean the bear market is completely over. However, people have resumed making investments and selecting projects to get involved in. We recently gave you an update on the top crypto events in April.

Now, May is around the corner. And several projects are getting set to launch or release products during the month. Here are some of the top crypto events in May.

1st May: Hypercycle to Launch on the Singularity DAO Launchpad

May begins with Hypercycle, a decentralized platform that focuses on insight monetization and data management, launching on the Singularity Dao Launchpad. This would be Singularity DAO’s third token generation event (TGE).

HyperCycle is designed for regular blockchain as well as newer services like the Internet of Artificial Intelligence. Furthermore, the platform’s native token, HCYC, will be offered through an initial exchange offering (IEO) on the Singularity DAO launchpad. KYC for this sale already began on April 18th. The sale is scheduled for May 1st.

3rd May: Sui Mainnet Launch

Sui lovers will like this one. The Sui Mainnet will launch on May 3rd, 2023. The Sui network has enjoyed incredible growth and hype over the last few months. The community believes the mainnet launch is the next step towards improving the network.

The launch will provide extra layers of security for the network, making it scalable for privacy-focused blockchain applications. Keep an eye out for this one if you are a Sui lover.

10th May: Chiliz: Sports Blockchain Launch

Chiliz has left a mark in the fans’ space. But the platform plans to take things a notch higher by launching its own sports blockchain. This new chain will, by design, support fan engagement and create more opportunities for monetization in the sports market.

The public release is scheduled for May 10th. Afterward, developers will be able to build on Chilliz Layer 1, which was launched earlier this year. Will the CHZ jump in value following this event? CHZ is an entertainment token. This means that it responds to key events. So, the value could receive a boost during this event.

15th May: Gala V2 Token Drop

Gala Games has announced that it will drop its highly anticipated version 2 of their native token, GALA, on May 15th. Gala Games is a blockchain gaming platform. The improved token will come with enhanced utility and governance features such as voting, staking, and access to premium content. Check out this blog post for specifics about the launch.

16th May: MultiversX (EGLD) launches its Xlaunchpad

MultiversX will launch its Xlaunchpad on the Elrond blockchain on May 16th. The  new launchpad, by design, will help new projects raise funds and get visibility in the market. It will come equipped with features such as:

  • Liquidity pools.
  • Token swaps.
  • Yield farming opportunities.

18th May: Skey Network Launches Staking Platform

Skey Network has announced plans to launch its staking platform on May 18th. This will allow users to earn rewards by staking their tokens. The launch will also provide extra incentives for users to participate in the network and improve its overall security and stability.

29th May: Mainnet is creating an all-in-one platform for AI-based creation and blockchain governance. It is assembling a community of stakeholders interested in using AI. As part of its plans for growth, the platform has announced plans to launch its mainnet on May 29th. The platform will support features such as:

  • Automated task delegation.
  • Real-time data analysis.
  • Personalized insights.

More Crypto Events in May 2023

We also have some upgrades as part of our top crypto events in May. Some do not have confirmed dates. But we’ll list them anyway.

  1. Lido mainnet upgrade, mid-May

2. XCAD Network: Play Area Upgrades:

Are you interested in any of these events? Visit their websites to get more details about the launch or upgrade.

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