9 Important Crypto News of April

Crypto is always busy, and a lot has happened in April. The market had some form of stability as Bitcoin breached the crucial $30,000 level for the first time in 10 months. The market also saw the launch of new projects and token sales.

This article will give you a list of nine major crypto news stories from April. Let’s get to them.

April 3rd: gCoti Airdrop Campaign

Coti has enjoyed massive attention over the last couple of months, and the airdrop was one of the most anticipated events in its community. gCOTI is the governance token of COTI’s Treasury. Holders of this token will enjoy access to voting rights, an APY boost, and the ability to participate in Treasury liquidations.

Coti, also known as the “Currency of the Internet,” is creating a decentralized payment network for companies and retailers. Its primary objective is to ease any worries that companies may have about using cryptocurrency. Its blockchain, which can process up to 10,000 transactions per second, is built on the DAG protocol and uses a “proof-of-trust” technique to address scalability difficulties.

Check out this Medium article for the numbers from the gCOTI airdrop campaign for native $COTI holders. Also, the second phase of the gCOTI airdrop campaign began on the 24th of April.

As per an official announcement, users with $COTI ERC20 and ERC20 stablecoins (USDT/USDC) can lock their tokens for 180, 270, or 360 days. In return, they’ll receive gCOTI rewards in their VIPER wallets.

April 6th: Astar Wasm Revolution

Astar Network announced that it would launch the second version of its smart contracts that support both the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and WebAssembly Virtual Machine (WASM VM) on its mainnet on April 6.

The upgrade will enable users to connect their Astar projects to EVM-based or Polkadot ecosystems.

April 7th: Chain GPT IDO

This IDO ranked among the most talked-about events of April. It was held on April 7th on Seedify, and it was pretty successful, according to the team. ChainGPT is an AI model that assists businesses and individuals with all things crypto and blockchain.

Visit ChainGPT’s site for more details on its IDO.

April 8th: PancakeSwap V3

Blockchain platforms can only get better with upgrades. And we saw a couple of those in April. PancakeSwap launched version 3 of its AMM platform on both Ethereum and BNB Chain. The upgrade covered improved performance and decreased fees.

April 12th: Ethereum Shapella Upgrade

Anything on Ethereum is bound to capture attention. And the Shapella upgrade, which took place on the 12th of April, was impressive. Shapella is the last phase to allow Ethereum’s proof-of-stake (PoS) network validators to unstake ETH formerly locked in a smart contract on Ethereum’s Beacon Chain.

The upgrade was successful and has led to more hype about Ethereum. Check the tweets below for some results of the update.

April 14th: EOS EVM Launch

The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) announced the release of the EOS EVM on April 14th, following the last testnet operations on March 27th. The update enables users to withdraw EOS tokens from an exchange to their EVM account. The network will announce more updates and improvements in the weeks after the launch.

April 25th: EVM to Launch Zilliqa Mainnet

This update took place today, April 25th. The launch brings EVM compatibility to the Zilliqa mainnet. This allows the use of EVM dApps. The update also creates greater functionality, as well as increased access, for the Zilliqa ecosystem.

This upgrade also provides support for dApps written in Solidity and other EVM-compatible languages. It will also enable users to transfer ZIL using wallets like MetaMask.

Now let’s look at some upcoming crypto events.

April 26th: MultiversX (EGLD) – XFabric 

The MultiverX (EGLD) roadmap is super tight. XFabric, the creative blockchain module for individuals and brands, will go live on April 26th. More details about this launch can be found on the website.

April 28th: Seedify – New Launchpad Project

Seedify has a lot of activities going on. And that trend continues on August 28 as it launches a new AI gaming project. Seedify’s community supports AI projects. So, Shockwaves, an AI game, will launch on the 28th of April with a 50k initial market cap.

Shockwaves is a Web3 game built on the BNB Chain. The game is set in algorithmically-generated cities and provides music-infused FPS gameplay. It also offers players a chance to earn within the game’s economy using the $Neuros token. Read this article for more details about the game.

As you can see, April has been a busy month for crypto activities. It’ll be interesting to see what May has in store for us.

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