Top Crypto News: 03/03

At the time of press, Bitcoin is trading at $46,895. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading close to $1,479.

Let’s find out some interesting crypto news for today. Capital Venture Arm Allocates $200 Million Investment To Support Crypto Startups announced the launch of Capital to invest in crypto startups. As per the official blog, this is a venture arm dedicated to investing in startups that are at the Series A and seed stages. Moreover, is one of the fastest-growing crypto apps, along with the Visa Card, Exchange, and DeFi wallet. Further, the team has allocated a $200 million in investment funds to expand the growth of promising startups. Additionally, would enter into long-term partnerships with these startups to transform the crypto space.

PAID Network Expanding Ignition With PolkaFoundry IDO Launch

PAID Network announced that PolkaFoundry has committed to launch its IDO on PAID Networks Ignition. Moreover, PolkaFoundry provides interoperability between DeFi and Web 3.0 applications. It is EVM-compatible, which leverages the Polkadot multi-chain blockchain and tackles numerous issues related to dApp UX efficiency. In addition, Ignition is a featured product of PAID Network, which acts as a decentralized swapping protocol. PolkaFoundry consists of different dApp developer support services, identity service (PolkaID), document storage service (DocuGuard), and integration with several Oracle services, which makes it a one-stop dApp factory.

Linear Finance | Xangle Launches Synthetic Index Tokens Xangle Large Cap and Xangle Blue Chip

Linear Finance announced the launch of synthetic index tokens with Xangle. Moreover, these indices listed on Linear Finance are the liquid versions of the Xangle Large Cap Index (ℓXLCI) and the Xangle Blue Chip Index (ℓXBCI). The Xangle Blue Chip Index will track the performance of the most reliable digital assets without market capitalization dependency. On the other hand, Xangle Large Cap Index tracks the performance of the largest digital assets using market capitalization. In addition, the Xangle Large Cap Index also utilizes Xangle Credibility Rating (XCR) data as the adjustment factor to indicate the credibility of each digital asset. With this launch, Linear Finance users can utilize these index tokens to trace the performance of the largest and most reliable digital assets.

Brave Acquires Tailcat To Enhance Privacy Browsing Features With Brave Search

The Brave browser acquires the Tailcat open search engine, which will serve as the foundation for Brave Search. Unlike the major search engines, Tailcat is built on top of a completely independent index that is capable to deliver quality content without compromising privacy. Impressively, it does not capture the user’s IP address data. Brave Search will allow users to choose a default search engine that will seamlessly work with the Brave browser to provide a search engine experience that completely respects their privacy. Further, Brave will also explore blockchain-based possibilities, including e-commerce uses.

DigiCol | Polygon Partnership Empowers Enhanced User Experience

DigiCol partnered with Polygon (formerly Matic Network) to enable DigiCol users to have an enhanced experience without the hassles found transacting on Ethereum. DigiCol will connect an extra mainnet network with Polygon in order to increase block verification speeds and transaction processing. The end result is that partnering with Polygon will allow DigiCol users to enjoy secure, seamless, and instant transactions.

DigiCol is known for offering one-click NFT creation without any requirement of coding knowledge. This will help normal users to create their own digital collectibles and motivate them to earn rewards by launching into a liquid NFT marketplace.

Today we have a lot of altcoins updates. Therefore, we want to share some extra crypto news in our bonus section.

Polkamarkets collaborated with Orion Protocol to integrate the Orion Liquidity Boost Plugin. This integration will empower substantial cross-exchange liquidity to Polkamarkets’ DeFi-Powered Prediction Market by reducing slippage, aiding cost-effectiveness, and improving user experience.

Elrond partnered with Reef Finance to connect Elrond native assets with the Reef platform. This empowers users to enjoy Elrond DeFi products directly from the Reef terminal.

Injective Labs taps Figment, Canada’s largest blockchain infrastructure provider. This amalgamation will uplift staking and governance procedures within Injective.

Energy Web teams up with Volkswagen to explore the potential of blockchains for energy market integration. Collaboratively, the team will create software to facilitate seamless end-to-end electricity market participation for electric vehicles.

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