Top Crypto News: 05/01

At the time of publication, Bitcoin is trading at $57,676. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, has entered into an all-time high territory and is trading close to $2,949. Before that, ETH surged from $750 to a whopping high of $2,880 since the beginning of this year, which is a roughly 400% return.

Let’s review some interesting crypto news for today.

1 – AIOZ Network | OMNI App Partnership to Boost Decentralized Content Delivery

AIOZ Network partnered with the OMNI app to expand its content delivery network. OMNI is an application where users can share stories, create channels, transfer money, make video or audio calls, and much more. Moreover, users can earn Omni Coins while utilizing this application and then exchange these coins with BTC. With this partnership, Omni would utilize AIOZ’s decentralized content network (dCDN) infrastructure to enhance content delivery on its app. OMNI will further upgrade features such as monetization and gamification of its video-sharing social platform. In turn, this will also provide exposure to the AIOZ Network and AIOZ token.

2 – Uniqly | Chainlink-VRF Integration to Enhance Its ETH Giveaway

Uniqly integrated Chainlink VRF to enhance its ETH giveaway and platform launch. Moreover, Uniqly empowers users to create, trade, and stake NFTs while bringing them to life with 3D items. With this integration, Uniqly can conduct its ETH giveaway securely and reward its community in a fair and transparent manner. Early supporters of the platform, such as those who bought t-shirts or select NFTs, have the chance to win some ETH. Uniqly also aims to connect the mainstream market and the digital one by adding real-world value to NFTs. With Uniqly, users can trade NFT tokens which are backed by real-world items, such as physical products. Furthermore, this will also help in attracting new users to the Uniqly platform.

3 – OIN Finance | Harmony Partnership to Launch ONE-Backed Stablecoin

OIN Finance partnered with Harmony to launch a ONE-backed stablecoin. Harmony is a sharding protocol, which is fully interoperable with the Ethereum ecosystem and has a two-second finality. With this integration, Harmony would utilize OINDAO to develop a ONE-backed stablecoin. The Harmony ecosystem will use this stablecoin as a base currency to boost the ONE token utility while unlocking liquidity to its holders. This will also empower users to stake their ONE tokens for up to 20 different tokens. Additionally, this new stablecoin will offer a hedging tool against volatility and hyperinflation for the ONE holders.

4 – DAFI Protocol Propels New Simulate Platform to Create dTokens With Existing Crypto Assets

DAFI launched a new Simulate platform for the creation of dTokens from existing crypto assets. Moreover, DAFI Protocol supports applications and cryptocurrency for creating their own dTokens, in order to reward their early users while maintaining value and demand. With this upgrade, users can create synthetic tokens with existing crypto assets, such as dBTC, dETH, dAAVE, and dLINK. Further, these synthetic tokens have minimal fees and can be created in the MetaMask wallet. Additionally, these features will simulate DAFI’s upcoming staking and social reward programs.

5 – Chainlink Joins UNICEF Innovation Fund to Support Blockchain-Enabled Applications

In the last bit of crypto news for today, we have Chainlink joining UNICEF to provide blockchain-based solutions. As per the tweet, Chainlink’s grant will support the UNICEF Innovation Fund and the UNICEF CryptoFund. This will empower early-stage startups, who are looking to use open-source technology to combat key global challenges, through investments. Besides this, it will boost blockchain adoption and enhance social service platform developers. Notably, Chainlink is also working with UNESCO to expand global awareness of blockchains and smart contracts.

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