Top Crypto Partnerships — April, Week 3

y, new projects launch on different blockchain networks. It’s the bull season, and we will see more of that.

As new projects come in, they partner with other projects with the same goals and visions. Altcoin Buzz has recent partnerships, so let’s review these Crypto Partnerships.

1) TeleportDao

It is a platform for developers looking to build cross-chain applications. TeleportDAO recently partnered with BitSmiley, a Bitcoin-stable coin protocol.

This partnership led to the bridging of bitUSD to EVM chains and Bitcoin L2 technology. This will change how we trade our assets.

2) Nibiru chain

Nibiru aims to be the most accessible platform for Web3 enthusiasts to explore. It also offers developers SDKs to build cross-chain applications; these SDKs are easy to navigate, unlike others that are pretty complex. $NIBI, Nibiru’s native token, is currently trading at $0.34 and has a market cap of $63.8 million.

Cosmic FOMO is Nibiru’s recent partner. It is a learning platform that utilizes game features to simplify learning. Cosmic is like a demo trading account for crypto traders. Its token is $COSMIC, trading at $0.21 with a market cap of $50,600. Cosmic Fomo is already doing a great job improving the learning process. When Cosmic FOMO launches on the Nibiru chain, it will generate more leads for the gaming ecosystem.

3) Bluewhale AI

Bluwhale AI is an AI platform that utilizes its features to connect Web3 companies to their target audience. Users can claim their wallet profiles and receive rewards. Bluwhale AI recently partnered with HERE Wallet, a decentralized (private) wallet for the NEAR protocol. New users will troop in from HOT DAO due to this collaboration.


AVALON is a web3 MMO videogame that allows many players created by the Community. MON protocol, AVALON’s recent partner, brings your favorite characters and the games you find exciting on-chain. The partnership between AVALON and MON protocol will bring the works of AVALON and Pixelmon on-chain. 

After launch, Pixelmon will be out on the streets of AVALON. This partnership makes video gaming a lot more fun and adventurous.

5) Bitfinity Network

Bitfinity network is an EVM chain for Bitcoin and it has partnered with Yuku, a Web3 AI platform. This partnership will move Web3 forward as a leading innovation in the tech space.

Yuku is exploring its options and innovative reach by expanding to Bitfinity. With this partnership, you will examine NFTs, 3D space, and AI avatars in a much better and decentralized way. 


We covered 5 top crypto partnerships. These recent partnerships cover AI, gaming, NFT, and other protocols.  Please review our other content and see what’s in it for you.



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