UFO Gaming Announces Super Galactic Closed Beta Campaign

Gamers worldwide are eagerly anticipating the March start of the closed beta phase, ready to experience gaming’s future.

Let’s discover more about UFO Gaming.

Phase 1: Refining Gameplay and Mechanics

Phase 1 refined the game client and gameplay mechanics, including PVP and PVE modes. The forthcoming closed and open-beta versions promise to elevate the gaming experience by introducing a Web 3.0 connection. This feature lets players explore the game’s core and blockchain integration, highlighting decentralized gaming’s potential.

In a bid to ensure a comprehensive testing phase, the campaign will grant bulk access to approximately 20 individuals per cycle. Initially, the first batch of closed-beta players will gain entry through a meticulously designed Form system. The dynamic campaign plans to gradually increase Closed Beta access in subsequent rounds. Thereby widening the feedback loop and enhancing the game’s development with real user insights.

Exploring Blockchain Integration and Gaming’s Future

The UFO Closed-Beta Campaign stands out as a unique initiative aimed at randomly selecting participants for closed beta testing. Interested users must complete a Google Form to stand a chance of being chosen. The form requires applicants to provide basic information such as Name, Email, and IDs for Twitter, Telegram, and Discord, along with their Mumbai (ERC-20) Wallet Address for giveaways. Also, specify their preferred device among Windows Computer, Browser, and Android Mobile. You can find more info here.

This process is part of the testnet iteration for the closed-beta phase, setting the stage for the main marketplace’s launch, which will feature full functionality including the ability to trade, sell, and swap across all devices.

This strategic approach to beta testing underscores a commitment to quality and player satisfaction, ensuring that the Super Galactic game not only meets but exceeds the expectations of its burgeoning community.



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