4 UNDER The RADAR Crypto Altcoin GEMS with HUGE POTENTIAL!!!

There is no doubt. This Bullrun is going to be Massive!

And If you want to make big gains in this bull run, you must keep your eyes on these 3 crypto gems.

Coin 1: Pendle

Pendle, the project that was listed in Binance Innovation Zone & Launchpool. Yesterday marked a jaw-dropping 1552% from the start of the year. Such a surge can’t be solely attributed to the recent listing. Pendle is making waves in the crypto community because of its innovative proposition.  

Pendle is a permissionless yield-trading protocol. Here, users can execute various yield-management strategies. This platform gives users the next level of yield control. It provides various options to exit, hedge, or even long their yield.

Here is an example. Imagine you can buy ETH at a 14% discount. Today ETH is priced at $1953, but with Pendle, you can buy ETH at $1676. The only catch is that there is a maturity period. So, you will get your ETH only after a certain locking period. 

What Sets Pendle Apart? 

Well, it’s not just the Binance listing that propelled Pendle’s rally. A closer look at the on-chain data reveals some interesting insights. So, one factor that stands out is the whale activity surrounding Pendle. In anticipation of the Binance listing, some PENDLE whales moved substantial amounts of the token to the trading platform.

According to on-chain data analytics firm Lookonchain, three whales deposited a combined amount of 5.6 million PENDLE. It’s valued at a staggering $6.5 million, just hours after the listing announcement. This influx of PENDLE from whales showcases their confidence in the protocol’s long-term potential.

Recent Milestones/ Innovations
  • Pendle has crossed the $100 million mark in Total Value Locked (TVL). Its TVL has increased 20-fold from Jul 2022 to Jun 2023
  • The V2 upgrades Pendle into a real Trustless and Permissionless protocol with significant structural improvements in capital efficiency, LP risk, and fee accrual.
  • Pool三: On Arbitrum, Pendle allows users to earn more rewards. By adding another reward layer – fees from Camelot. More than that, GRAIL holders can access Pendle’s facilities and manage their LP position in GRAIL/ARB, PENDLE/ETH, and ARB/ETH.

Pendle’s ability to tokenize and trade future yield has truly sparked the interest of forward-looking investors. And it’s not hard to see why. As the crypto market continues to evolve, protocols like Pendle are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Their innovative solutions offer investors new avenues for maximizing returns on their investments.

Coin 2: Mantle

Mantle is a high-performance Ethereum Layer-2 network. Built with modular architecture delivering low fees and high security. Using Optimistic Roll-ups, Mantle can “batch-up” transactions and process them off-chain. This improves its speed and scalability. Mantle is also EVM-compatible.

Thus, Solidity developers can port their smart contract skills and existing work over to Mantle with ease. Diving deeper into the project, we can uncover some reasons why Mantle is a superior Layer-2 project.

  • Reason #1: Having a Decentralized Sequencer.
    • When a blockchain is supported by a single server, the network is susceptible to downtime. By decentralizing its sequencer, Mantle improves the security and reliability of its chain.
  • Reason #2: Using Multi-Party Computation (MPC).
    • Mantle uses MPC to minimize trust risk during data validation. With MPC, nodes can collectively verify block data, while trusting that every other node is honest. This improves security by eliminating single nodes’ points of failure.
  • Reason #3: Tapping on Available Modular Data
    • With Eigenlayer, Mantle can tap on unused node resources that could have produced more blockspace. Thus, Mantle improves the scalability of its chain without compromising security.

So, Mantle is developed by a strong team – BitDAO. Aside from technical expertise, Mantle can leverage BitDAO’s strong ecosystem. Some examples include its initiatives like Game7 and EduDAO. Mantle also has a proposed EcoFund of $200 million. These comprise grants for future project teams to build on its blockchain.

In addition, another key partner of Mantle would be ByBit. ByBit has helped Mantle along its developmental journey. Moreover, ByBit has also committed to supporting Mantle’s ecosystem. This brings us to today’s main topic – The Bybit-Mantle Airdrop Event.

Coin 3: Rocket Pool

RPL is the token that skyrocketed in the bear market. Yes, you hear me right, RPL touched its all-time high on April 16, 2023. At present, RPL is up 440,528% from its all-time low. Like Lido, Rocket Pool is a liquid staking platform. They are smaller than Lido but have nearly $1 billion in staked ETH on their platform.

And like Lido, they give you the infrastructure so you can stake your own 32 ETH if you have it and run a node there. Or the more popular option, you delegate to them. The liquid staking token you get here is rETH. While not as widely available as stETH from Lido, you can use rETH in lots of places including Yield Protocol, and in lots of pools and farms to earn more interest. 

Pendle has a terrific pool right now of rETH-wETH which means the risk of impermanent loss is almost zero. It’s paying a boosted return of 41% right now. That’s just one of a few good deals using rETH as collateral. But like Lido, again, I know I sound like a broken record here.

But as with Lido, the whales are not buying rETH, they are buying the platform token with the symbol RPL. After hitting its bear market bottom of $13.32 in early November, Rocket was up more than 2x to $41 in June. An ~50% return from here will get Rocket back above its all-time high of $59 from the last bull market and the trend here is clear. Upwards.

Do you like liquid staking platforms for your funds or your investment like this? Which ones have you used? Let us know in the comments below.

Coin 4: GMX

Our 3rd coin of the day gives you the potential of 2 for 1 or even 3 for 1. One of the few protocols to buck the price trend of this market is GMX. GMX is one of the largest decentralized perpetual futures markets in crypto. It’s also the largest protocol on the ETH Layer 2 Arbitrum.

So here you are buying a leader, an emerging DeFi protocol. And people want decentralized choices for futures trading so they aren’t stuck trading on Binance or the former FTX.

GMX is a decentralized exchange for spot and perpetuals (called Perps) trading. In other words, for those of you looking to trade these markets somewhere other than Binance, you now have a DeFi option here. It keeps fees low by working only in Arbitrum and Avalanche.

They also have an attractive index you can buy called the GLP Index that holds 8 coins total including:

  • Bitcoin.
  • Ethereum.
  • Chainlink.
  • Uniswap.
  • 4 stablecoins including DAI and FRAX

This would be a good way to use a DeFi platform to get broad market coverage. Along with trading, they have 2 coins in their ecosystem. Both earn a piece of trading fees too. This governance coin, GMX, gets 30% of the fees and you can stake for 13% while the liquidity coin GLP earns 70% of the fees and you can stake that for 19-21%.

So these coins will grow in value if you believe in decentralized trading. And this growth should continue. You can buy the GMX token on Binance, MEXC Global, or Uniswap.

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