User experience or UX is important to onboard people to crypto. The onboarding process should be as smooth as possible. That’s where Arcana Network comes into play. It’s an app-chain for Web3 UX. On top of that, there’s also the new Arcana Rites Campaign. It offers up to $10,000 in rewards.

So, let’s take a closer look at this Arcana Rites Campaign by the Arcana Network.

What Is Arcana Network?

Arcana Network offers tools to make Web3 onboarding as smooth as possible. Devs can use their tools to increase onboarding rates by up to 90%. It does this by offering plug-and-play social or email login options. Arcana makes Web3 authentication simpler.

It’s also an app-chain. These are chains that are app-specific. They make everything more efficient for these apps. App-chains also improve scalability. So, for Arcana Network, it’s all about supercharging the user experience. 

It offers three tools to help with this. These include, among others,

  1. Arcana Auth — Onboarding onto Web3 with socials or email. It’s decentralized and comes with a non-custodial wallet. It’s available for all EVM chains.
  2. Arcana Gasless — No gas fees for users.  
  3. SendIt — This runs on Arcana Auth. It allows you to send crypto to users with only your email.

To date, Arcana has

  • onboarded over 100 partners
  • seen more than 21k SDK downloads
  • and created over 2k apps.

So, let’s move on and take a look at the Arcana Rites Campaign.

The Arcana Rites Campaign

With the Arcana Rites Campaign, you will start a journey. During this journey, you will not only find rewards, but also mystery. It offers plenty of challenges, but the rewards are worth it. There’s up to $10,000 available, you only have to unlock it. So, this is how you can unlock it,.

There are several rounds of activity. Each round starts with a social activity on their Discord server. It’s important to take part in these social activities. They offer you a key to continue your search to find and solve a puzzle. In turn, this unlocks a $2,000 prize pool each round. 

This is how you can join this journey.

  • Follow Arcana Network on X and Discord
  • Repost the main campaign announcement, see the X post above.
  • Sign up for the campaign with this form.

The first round is going on now. There will be five rounds in total.

  1. Round I:   March 14, 10 AM UTC — March 15, 5 PM UTC
  2. Round II:  March 18, 10 AM UTC — March 20, 5 PM UTC
  3. Round III: March 21, 10 AM UTC — March 22, 5 PM UTC
  4. Round IV: March 25, 10 AM UTC — March 26, 5 PM UTC
  5. Round V:  March 27, 10 AM UTC — March 29, 5 PM UTC

The campaign combines strategy, community, and being able to solve puzzles. If you want in, don’t wait and sign up. Arcana Network also has active airdrop campaigns, check this link.


Arcana Network is an app-chain that helps projects to onboard people into Web3. To clarify, their Arcana Rites Campaign is starting now. Start with social tasks on their Discord server and unlock $10,000 in rewards.



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